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5 Dieting Tips That Will Help You Stick With It

5 Dieting Tips That Will Help You Stick With It

Struggling to maintain your diet lately? Here are 5 dieting tips that will guarantee your long-term success and confidence!

Ever wonder why every time you go on a diet it has never been sustained and you feel like you fail miserably? There are dieting tips constantly being bombarded at us left, right and centre; with the promise of being a newer and better ‘lighter’ versions of ourselves, but what actually works? Read more to find out…

1.  Mindful eating

Possibly the most significant of the dieting tips is having complete awareness and control of what enters your body. The recognition of when your body is hungry or when you are just eating out of inflicted emotions. Mindful eating is more than just discipline of your body, it is also self-acceptance. You are potentially taking every day as it comes and making it the best day it could be for you and your body. Self-forgiveness is the biggest key when it comes to a lifestyle change, as you have to remember, you have been in acts of repeated bad habits, for such a long time, so you cannot expect yourself to erase years of eating cycles dramatically for intuitive eating. It will take time-lots of it, and it is okay if you slip up and eat something you believe conflicts with your health changes. This isn’t an all or nothing lifestyle change, it allows for being human; we make mistakes- it is how we get back up and combat the rest without defeat. Never be too hard on yourself. If you have reflected on your mistakes and actually realised what you have done- its time to celebrate not commiserate, as you are half way there to your self improved journey!

5 Dieting Tips That Will Help You Stick With It

2. Set yourself achievable goals

The fundamental glue of all the dieting tips is this factor. Before you begin a dream and ultimately a journey of any kind, it is vital to plan the steps needed to reach the final destination-in your case a sustainable weight loss. So, by setting reasonable goals to segregate the entire process of the weight loss will actually help you celebrate your victories and in-fact motivate you even more for the final goal. Let us not forget that a healthy weightless is not a final stage, it is always working progress and there are always ways for improvement-like the aesthetics of your body and EXERCISE!

3. Incorporate exercise too

So, it isn’t just all about the dieting tips-physical activity is actually recommended too, to incorporate within your regime. Weight loss is attained when the body undergoes a deficit within its total energy intake versus total energy expenditure. Therefore meaning, if you increase methods where more energy is taken out of the body (exercise, basal metabolic rate and thermic effect of food) then consumed- that will equate to weight loss.

5 Dieting Tips That Will Help You Stick With It

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4. Track your eating

Tracking your eating or journalling what you eat, is very essential in the beginning of your dieting journey, for it makes you qualitatively and quantitatively gather your food conceptions together and actively visualise your eating habits. We often as dieters over/under assume our calorie deficits, in things like drinks for example, or used energy through physical activity. Therefore, if you strictly write down everything you eat and actively do, there will not be any space for secret energy consumption-which is the biggest contribution for weight gain and plateaus in your weight loss journey.

5. Plan effectively and prep meals to counteract problems

Routine, when done correctly, is guaranteed long-term success. As Aristotle says, “we are what we repeatedly do.” Therefore, getting yourself into a routine of prepping meals in bulk for the week will put you a step ahead of those phases where you come home from work, completely tired an miserable with the thought that you will have to be on your feet yet again to make dinner-make it easier for you and plan ahead! This is most possibly the most helpful of the dieting tips, and the most straight forward. However, there will be days when the social life will require you to bend the rules quite a bit in terms of eating out and possibly put you out of your comfort zone (with the idea that you are not in control of what you eat). Use this opportune moment to be the alpha of yourself and research restaurants and even enquire as to what the ingredients of the meal consist of. This will ensure the most optimum dining out experience as you can figure out for yourself what you want to eat, to harmoniously synchronise with your new healthy lifestyle. But remember it is okay to eat and have fun! Intuitively eating is about balance-not restrictions.

5 Dieting Tips That Will Help You Stick With It

These dieting tips are not so unachievable, are they? Make sure you share and comment which tips you found most useful on your journey to a long-term healthier self!

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