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5 Destinations For The Best City Breaks

5 Destinations For The Best City Breaks

5 Destinations For The Best City Breaks

If you’re planning for an upcoming city break, you’re definitely spoilt for choice as there are so many amazing cities to visit in Europe alone. This guide has our top picks of city breaks to visit with friends, family or even on your own. They are full of fantastic restaurants, different experiences, amazing attractions and so many different people for you to meet. Get traveling!

1. Naples

A far cry from the typical city break concrete jungles, Naples is truly a city with character. Its stunningly dramatic panoramas reflect the rawness of the city as it overlooks the infamous Vesuvius volcano. The close proximity to Vesuvius makes it a must-see stop on your trip to Naples and allows you to explore the ruins of Pompeii. As a place of culture and art, Naples offers the Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Museo Di Capodimonte and Capella Sansevero to explore and lose yourself in. Do prepare yourself as Naples is a fairly dirty city and can seem quite gritty, but its all definitely worth it and shouldn’t be the focus of your trip.

2. Vienna

Vienna is often ranked as one of the places that offer the highest quality of life in the world. There are endless attractions to visit that of which include the imperial palace of Hofburg which houses a mixture of museums and ministries including a chapel and a library, and the fine art collections housed at Kunsthistorisches Museum. Vienna’s Schloss Belvedere will be sure to astound you with its architectural beauty and stunning baroque gardens which feature regal water fountains. If that wasn’t enough to entice you to visit Vienna, the city is laden with amazing cafes and restaurants for you to try and love.


3. Venice

Venice truly transports you to another time. Its unique architectural charm, gondola littered canals, and rich art make it a place like no other. The Palazzo Ducale in San Marco is perhaps one of Venice’s most known and iconic sights, it represents Venice as it is the seat of the Venetian government whilst its facade reflects all the beauty that Venice has to offer. The food will of course not disappoint considering your in Italian territory and a gondola ride is a must to complete your Venetian trip. With such a rich history, your days will be packed with learning about such an amazing city and exploring all the places that it has to offer.

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4. Barcelona

This vibrant city also rests on the Spanish coast giving you the best of both worlds, city, and beach. Barcelona is a city that’s all about the fun, from their traditions, their eating, their drinking, and their dancing, the city’s inhabitants definitely know how to have a good time and will have no trouble showing you how. Gaze upon the infamous unfinished La Sagrada Familia designed by Antoni Gaudi and explore Gaudi’s other architectural masterpiece Park G├╝ell. The Museo Nacional d’Art de Catalunya showcases Catalan art from the 10th to the 20th centuries with its four permanent collections which will have your day set for gazing upon so much artwork.


5. Rome

You’ll be surrounded by so much history with Rome’s many ruins that have stood the test of time, experience the vibrant street life and eat your way through the city. With so many sights to see in Rome as the Vatican Museums, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Roman Forum, the Colosseum, the Pantheon and so many more that you’ll be sure to have your schedule jam-packed with activities.

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