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8 Destination Weddings The Whole Guest List Would Love To Visit

8 Destination Weddings The Whole Guest List Would Love To Visit

Destination weddings are the latest trend in wedding planning. Here's our guide to find out where you should have your wedding!

Destination weddings are slowly becoming a popular trend when it comes to planning weddings, and what’s not to love about a destination wedding? You get to travel to another country, and experience their culture and food while taking in the sights. If you need help deciding on a location, here are eight destination wedding locations that the whole guest list will love.

1: Jamaica

One of the larger islands of the Caribbean, Jamaica is a perfect wedding destination for those who would love a beach wedding. Jamaica is a wellspring of culture, from the reggae music to the beautiful spices embedded in their food. Jamaica is also an affordable place to get married in, and if you want something other than a beach wedding, Jamaica hosts other beautiful wedding spots: the gardens of Ocho Rios, the cliffs of Negril and even Georgian-style plantation homes in the countryside.

8 Destination Weddings The Whole Guest List Would Love To Visit

2: Mexico

Another popular wedding destination, Mexico is another great choice for a beach wedding in the summer. The extensive coastline hosts perfect spots for an intimate wedding on the sand, especially locations like Los Cabos and the Rivera Maya. If you want a wedding that is more inland, then you can go to the village of San Miguel de Allende, where you can explore the historic buildings there. The culture and cuisine are also colourful, and will be sure to spice up your wedding.

3: Santorini

Destination weddings are all about amazing locations, and Santorini is certainly amazing. This Greek island is perfect for an idyllic wedding set against a beautiful sunset, with a view of the glittering Aegean Sea. What’s fantastic about this wedding location is that after the ceremony and reception, you can kick off your honeymoon by strolling along the road, admiring the famous blue roofs.

8 Destination Weddings The Whole Guest List Would Love To Visit

4: Tuscany

Destination weddings are about enjoying where you are, and Tuscany is one such place. Another amazing destination wedding location, Tuscany is perfect for those who want an elegant wedding. Known for its architecture and vineyards, Tuscany will whisk your guests away to a world of tranquility, romance and Italian charm.

5: Spain

Destination weddings are also about enriching yourself in the country’s culture, and Spain is the perfect choice to do this. With a blend of provincial and surrealism, there are many locations in Spain to have your wedding: Madrid boasts beautiful gardens, Barcelona is perfect for lovers of art and architecture and the cities of Granada and Seville are reminiscent of fairytales.

8 Destination Weddings The Whole Guest List Would Love To Visit

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6: Croatia

Croatia has steadily become a favourite destination wedding, and it’s not hard to see why. From the World Heritage city of Dubrovnik to the waterfalls of Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia has many hidden spots for a wedding, including the island of Vis and the second-largest city in Croatia, Split. This is another wedding destination spot perfect for exploring a different country’s culture.

7: Hawaii

Sometimes it’s best to stick to the classic wedding destinations, and nothing is more classic than Hawaii. Boasting various landscapes, from rain forests and waterfalls to stunning beaches, Hawaii is a perfect spot for a destination wedding. A popular location in Hawaii is the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Honolulu, where its free-standing chapel is surrounded by lush foliage and a lagoon. A picturesque location for a spectacular wedding!

8 Destination Weddings The Whole Guest List Would Love To Visit

8: Paris

Another classic destination wedding is Paris, the city where love and romance reigns supreme. There are many wonders in Paris to choose as a wedding spot, from the historic buildings like the Arc de Triomphe and the Shangri-La Hotel, to the beautiful gardens, and of course, the Eiffel Tower. This destination wedding will create a timeless and and elegant atmosphere for your wedding.

Do you know of any other wedding destinations? Tell us in the comments below!

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