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10 Designs For Easter Eggs That You’re Going To Love

10 Designs For Easter Eggs That You’re Going To Love

10 Designs For Easter Eggs That You're Going To Love

Easter is fast approaching, and aside from chocolate, there’s lots more things to look forward to. Whether it be finally having some good weather, flowers budding in trees or Easter egg painting this time of year is fully of good energy and good vibes. But if you’re crafty, and want to decorate your home with traditional Easter eggs, but this year try going out the box a little and trying out these Easter egg designs, bound to bring that spring feel into any home.

1. Mandala

Mandala designs are traditionally Indian designs on clothes, sheets and everything really. They’re a little tricky as they’re all about symmetry, however once they’re done they look wonderful. Go for a bold base colour, and then draw the design in bold gold, white or black.

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2. Marble Design

For this you’ll need a good few nail varnishes. Use bold sparkly colours, to create a spacey intergalactic feel and coat it of swirling the different colours in between each other. One dried (it’ll take a while) you should be left with a shiny marble design.

10 Designs For Easter Eggs That You’re Going To Love

3. Funky egg people

Paint your egg any base colour you like, but make sure its a pastel, and not too bold. Then print of these awesome outfits from Mr Printables. and wrap them round.

4.Googly Eyed People

It would be Easter and it wouldn’t be crafts if there wasn’t a few googly eyes involved, paint you egg in water colour or acrylic then simply stick the googlies on, plus kids love them if you’re planning a hunt.

10 Designs For Easter Eggs That You’re Going To Love

5. Easter Monograms

If you’re planning an extravagant, or even an intimate Easter dinner,make it personal by making personalised dinner places with eggs that contain the guests initials. I’d recommend purchasing stencils that you can just paint or airbrush over. For that special touch at Easter.

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6. Speckled Splat Eggs

These are great for an elegant artsy feel, and they’re super easy to do. Use acrylics to paint your egg a base colour. The darker the better for these eggs. Then dip your paintbrush in a lighter colour, white, silver, any pastels, then flick the paint over your based and dried egg. Make sure there’s not too much paint on your brush so it doesn’t run and you get drippy eggs.

7. Bumpy Egg

For this idea you will need paper mache, combine paper with water and make into a pulp, then take out tiny balls and stick them to your egg and glue over, then leave to dry and paint your egg ll one colour. You’ll be left with weird dino-esk eggs.

8. Grassy Moss Egg

This is a really cool idea, especially if you’re doing an outdoors Easter egg hunt. Plus they’re super cheap and easy to make. All you need is to go in your back garden and find a bunch of grass and moss, cover you’re egg in glue, then stick the green stuff all over. Perfect.

9. Unicorn

Unicorns are magical and perfect for anytime of the year, so why not make an eggicorn. For this just paint your egg white, then cut out ears from a piece of paper. Then roll up a piece and paint it gold. Stick them on and you’re left with a beautiful majestic eggy creature. You can also but mini flowers and leaves for extra effect.

10 Designs For Easter Eggs That You’re Going To Love

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10. Cute Animal designs

It wouldn’t be Easter if there wasn’t lots of little chicks, lambs and bunnies around. And everyone needs a little reminder that Easter is all about new life. To jog their memories paint your eggs different colours and draw cute little faces on them, draw the eyes closed to create the cute sleeping baby effect.

10 Designs For Easter Eggs That You’re Going To Love

Easter fast approaching, so why not get in the easter spirit by getting artsy and trying egg designs. Let us know your favorites below!

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