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10 Designer Bags You Should Save Up For This 2019

Everyone loves designer bags and I’m sure you do too. Finding the perfect designer bag for you is a long process because you want to make sure you’re spending your hard earned money wisely. Who can blame you? Designer bags, most often than not, have a hefty price tag on them and they should be considered properly before making a final decision! There are a plethora of designer bags on the market right now and this could definitely be overwhelming for us buyers. It is important to remember not to solely make

your decision based on a current trend, but rather find a bag that is timeless and will still be a classic over the upcoming years. It’s 2019 and there are new designer bags on the market once again. Here is a list of 10 designer bags for 2019 that are actually worth your money!

1. Dior Saddle bag

First on this list is the Dior Saddle bag and for a good reason. This classic dior saddle bag was seen on many celebrities in the 90’s and have only made a come back recently. Due to it’s overwhelming popularity over the last few months, Dior has decided to bring back to design. Make sure you check out every design and colour, as all of them are equally chic and unique. If you are looking for cheaper options, try searching for vintage Dior saddle bags and you might find a gem!

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2. Fendi Baguette bag

This is another vintage classic must have for 2019! This bag got its name from the shape of the bag (just like a French baguette). Fendi has done a modern take on this vintage bag so you have more options to choose from. The newer design comes with a shoulder strap whereas the classic design does not. Find what suits you better!

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3. Louis Vuitton New Wave chain bag

If you love bold and bright colours, this might be the perfect bag for you! These colourful gems are definitely all you need to take your outfit to a whole new level. They feel and look very “bling”, if that is what you after. Be sure to check all out all their unique and vibrant colours.

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4. Gucci Marmont belt bag

If you are looking to hop onto the belt bag bangwagon, do consider this beautiful option. A simple, yet classy belt bag is the perfect way to elevate your whole outfit. They go very nicely with all different clothing from jeans to dresses.

5. Prada Sidonie

I won’t be surprised if you have seen this bag being carried by celebrities! The curvature and shape of this bag is unique and there are numerous colour schemes to choose from.

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6. The Jacquemus Le Bello Bag

This bag may not be for everyone but I had to add it onto this list because of its uniqueness. It is a tiny bag, and I really mean tiny. If you are someone who only needs a lipstick and your keys, you might want to check these cuties out!

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7. Vintage Chanel classic flap bag

This bag is probably the most classic bag of all time. I think everyone can agree that this bag will be timeless. Although priced on the higher range, the brand Chanel speaks for itself. Get this bag and let the bag do the talking!

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8. Prada nylon backpack

If you are someone who usually carries quite a few things daily and prefer a backpack to a small handbag, I’ve got you covered, or rather, Prada has got you covered. This classic nylon bag is a minimalistic stunner matched perfectly with anything!

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9. Christian Dior book tote

Have you been looking around for a designer tote but struggling on you way? Look no further, this Christian Dior tote is sure to meet all your expectations.

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10. Yves Saint Laurent Envelope Wallet on Chain

Looking for a small everyday designer bag that can fit the essentials? This is the bag! It can be worn so many different ways – crossbody, over the shoulder and as a clutch!

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 So that sums up this list, I hope they caught your eye as much as they did mine!

Do you think you will be purchasing any designer bags on this list? Let me know which ones you are considering in the comments!

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Claudia Rolph

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