10 Designer Bags For Men

Investing in the right designer bag is crucial, as you want to be able to get the best wear out of your item. This article is for men who are looking in getting a new designer bag for themselves. With all the different bags available on the market now, it can be tough to choose just one. Before investing in your designer bag, be sure to check out various brands before deciding on something. Keep on reading, here is a list of 10 designer bags for men you should think about getting.

1. Dior Oblique Saddle Bag Mens

I’m certain you’ve seen women carrying the Dior saddle bag design and now this bag has its own unique design for men. This is number one on this list of designer bags for men because it is easily my favourite bag on the market currently. It looks effortlessly expensive and so authentic. If you are willing to spend slightly more on this bag, I guarantee you will never have regrets.

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2. LV Damier Cobalt Keepall 45B

This beautiful coloured bag the perfect large bag for men travelling or who prefer larger bags. It has a special design to it which is not seen that much with other LV products which is great! A perfect designer bag for men that feels luxurious.

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3. Gucci Supreme Messenger bag

This brown men’s designer bag has a “vintage” look to it which, honestly, who doesn’t love? Another great designer bag.

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4. Off-White Cordura Print Cross-body bag

Are you on Off-White fan? If you aren’t already, I’m sure this bag will make you reconsider. This black and yellow strapped bag is the ultimate designer bag for men!

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5. Prada Vela clutch bag

This designer bag for men is certainly unique, it is the only clutch bag in this list for a good reason. It has ax expensive look and feel to it, and matches all outfits.

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6. Tommy Hilfiger logo messenger bag

If you have a slightly tighter budget and are looking for a designer bag which is small and good for everyday use, this may be the one for you! It is the perfect size for men to carry daily and looks great matched with many outfits!

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7. Alexander Wang Wallie Gym Sack

This men’s designer bag has its own style going for itself! I am in love with the shape of this bag and how “cool” the leather looks when worn. A great way to spice up your outfits on the daily is to match them with a timeless bag like this one. Can be worn as a backpack or can be slung across just one shoulder!

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8. Givenchy 4g bum bag

This is probably the easiest bag to carry as its none other than a bum bag! Bum bags have only recently made their comeback into men’s closet s. This bag looks best when you sling it across your chest but can also be worn as a fanny pack style.

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9. Versace Jeans logo backpack

If you are looking for a minimalistic backpack, look no further! This may be the perfect option for you! This simple and sleek bag matches many outfits and is certainly very versatile. The black leather makes it look expensive, which is great of course.

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10. Supreme Duffle backpack

Saved this designer bag as the lucky last on this list. Once again it can be paired with almost everything! It is a large sized duffel bag, perfect for travelling due to the amount of space if offers! If you are a Supreme fan you might already have this bag.

Get this look:

All the designer bags for men mentioned have their own unique style to them and it is important you decide on the style you are going for before choosing a bag for yourself. I hope one, if not more than one designer bag stood out to you!

Which of the bags on this list was your favourite? Do let me know in the comments!

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Claudia Rolph

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