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8 Design Trends You Should Try In Your Kitchen

8 Design Trends You Should Try In Your Kitchen

Some kitchens just need a little TLC to bring them into the modern age - and we've got all the new design trends you need to see!

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and anyone who says otherwise is lying. Try thinking of what makes you like a house? Is an ugly kitchen the ultimate deal breaker? Well, we certainly think so, so we’re bringing you some design trends to try out in your kitchen. Whether you’re up for a full reno or just a little R&R (retouching and repainting), there’s something here to add some quirky character to anyone’s home!

1. Coloured Cabinets

If you’re thinking about installing some new cabinets, or investing in an island – consider a colour.

Gone are the days of white on white. With art nouveau design picking up traction, and with more and more people branching out design-wise, there’s certainly a market around coloured kitchens. Why not have a green island? Blue cabinets? Electric pink uppers?

For some not-so-full-out temperance, mixing in a splash of coloured cabinets with a more neutral palate of white, black or wood grain can keep things from getting too out-of-hand.

8 Design Trends You Should Try In Your Kitchen

2. Stone Backsplashes

If your cabinets are perfectly fine and don’t need a fresh, bright blue coat of paint, you might want to change up that tile backsplash for a solid stone; think quartz or marble.

While tile is certainly cheaper, the lux look of a seamless counter-to-backsplash has many kitchen re-doers trying out this unique trend. It certainly looks super expensive, and it can be pricey. But just think about how little you have to worry about discoloured and decaying grout?

8 Design Trends You Should Try In Your Kitchen

3. Decorative Tiles

Tiles have never been just for backsplashes. Taking a note from Spain and other predominantly Latin countries, many Western countries are beginning to embrace design trends from other countries and cultures.

Decorative tiles can be found all over Mexico, and you don’t just have to use them on your backsplash. Although a mosaic backsplash certainly adds some old-school character to your kitchen, tiling more unorthodox spaces is also becoming popular.

You can add a pop of pattern and colour by tiling just the kitchen island, or even the sides of the island. Maybe you also have a breakfast bar that could be tiled on top!

8 Design Trends You Should Try In Your Kitchen

4. Open Shelving

Running out of cabinet space, but can’t afford the custom price of new cabinetry? No worries – the popularity of open shelving is here to save you.

Not only does it mean that you can see everything you own – making it more accessible and leading to less waste – installing your own shelves can be relatively simple in terms of a reno. If you have the space, go ahead and add some raw edge wood, or sleeker black shelves. And don’t limit yourself in terms of layout – shelves can run vertically, diagonally, every which way nowadays.

8 Design Trends You Should Try In Your Kitchen

5. Black Cabinets

So you’re not about the crazy colours – but the white is beginning to bore you. Or maybe you have wood – I don’t know your story.

Whatever the reason, if you’re looking to add some elegance to an outdated kitchen, black is back. A simple coat of black paint can transform any old cabinetry. Even that which is antique will look fresh and modern under a coat of black paint!

8 Design Trends You Should Try In Your Kitchen

6. Bamboo Light Fixtures

Sure, your kitchen might not need a new pendant light – but it deserves it. Bamboo light fixtures are also a newer trend to jump on.

Gone are the industrial lights that spiderweb out from your ceiling, and here is the reign of bamboo and rattan. These natural elements mix that raw feel of the Mid-Century Mod trend we’ve been seeing a lot of, while also bringing a certain boho character to a space.

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8 Design Trends You Should Try In Your Kitchen

7. Black Taps

Looking to add some more mod design into your home? Swapping out that old, silver tap will do it.

Let’s face it. A silver sink and silver tap is pretty basic. And sure, it suits some kitchens. But if you don’t have silver fixtures on your cabinets, then feel free to experiment with different coloured tapware.

For the best effect, matching your taps and your cabinet handles will give you an overall cohesiveness to update any kitchen.

8 Design Trends You Should Try In Your Kitchen

8. New Handles

Speaking of handles…

If you suffer from eightes-kitchen-itus, then what you need is a DIY swap out of your cabinets’ fixtures. Going for black will give you a modern, industrial vibe, or gold will bring it some art nouveau glam.

And we could all do with some more glam in our lives!

8 Design Trends You Should Try In Your Kitchen

What do you think of these design trends? Tell us about it in the comments!

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