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5 Delightful Little Books That Will Get You Through The Summer Heat

5 Delightful Little Books That Will Get You Through The Summer Heat

Summer is fast approaching with its hot weather and quiet days. Here's a list of 5 Delightful Little Books That Will Get You Through The Summer Heat! 

Summer is fast approaching with its hot weather and is getting ready to transform the underground and most of public transport into a sauna from hell. When it gets to a certain point of heat the only sensible thing to do is to sit your butt down in the shade, read a book and not move an inch. Sangria is not mandatory but advised. Here are 5 funny, thought-provoking, strange and very entertaining little books everyone should read this summer. Delightful and not too heavy, store them in your beach bag, beach sack or your beach pocket!



1. Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered – Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

If you’ve been a keen listener to the podcast ‘My Favorite Murder’, you’re probably already excited for this one. In this book, Kilgariff and Hardstark’s discuss a unique mix of personal stories, true crime, and other issues in society. They cover everything from fear and eating disorders to funny stories and mishaps. It’s all presented with large doses of empathy and the same humor and wit from their podcast. 

This is a book about putting yourself and your safety first and even though it touches on some heavier subject, many laughs are guaranteed. Perfect to bring along on a road trip and discuss with your friends.


2. Everything I don’t Remember – Jonas Hassen Khemiri

One of two fiction books on the list, this book is written by award-winning Swedish author Jonas Hassen Khemiri. ‘Everything I don’t remember’ is the story about Samuel, or rather the people who knew him. All we know is that Samuel is dead and through the eyes of an unnamed writer trying to piece together the story of Samuel’s life, we start painting a picture of who he might have been. We meet his mother, his girlfriend and his best friend, all with very different stories and opinions about who the boy was. 

The book is written in a way that constantly jumps between the different characters, recounting different periods of Samuels life. The style takes some getting used to, but ones you do it’s a very comfortable and at times funny read. With themes of love, memory and what we leave behind, it’s the kind of book that sticks with you. 


3. How To Come Alive Again – Beth McColl 

If you, like me,  approach self-help books with caution having experienced them often leaving you feeling worse than when you started, then this book will be a lovely surprise. Despite addressing issues around mental health and depression, ‘How to come alive again’ is not a book about being sad, but rather a gentle guide to feeling better. It is something as unique as a book that offers advice and tips without lecturing. Packed full of personal stories and experiences, It’s fun and truthful writing that will leave you feeling just a little bit braver. 

All in all, this read is a good time for your brain. It’s also not full of heavy medical stuff and difficult terms, so you can relax and take it with you anywhere. Read it at the beach, by the pool or on your way to the gynecologist.

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4. Letters To My Fanny – Cherry Healey 

A slightly older gem, but worth including in our little books list as it’s a bit of a must read! In this fun and delightful book, Cherry Healey shares a series of personal letters written to each part of her body. Everything from fingers to vagina receives a chapter dedicated to thanking them for everything they’ve done for her. This book is especially useful if you feel the ridiculous pressure of summer-bodies and summer-diets are getting to you. ‘Letters To My Fanny’ is a love letter to our bodies and everything it can do. It will leave you feeling not just body positive, but rather body enthusiastic. 

This is also a book about feminism, growing up, being a woman and trying to figure shit out. Full of quirky and wholesome life stories, it is written in a way it is easy to relate to. Mind you, there is the risk of spontaneous bursts of laughter so proceed with caution. 


5. I’ll Never Tell – Catherine McKenzie

If you feel like you’ve spent too many days by the pool and you’re longing for Netflix and a good thriller, this is the book for you. With the same vibe as the Netflix series ‘You’ and ‘The girl on the train’, in this book, we meet the McAllister siblings whose parents suddenly die. 

The siblings decide to meet back at the family camp to read the will and decide what to do with the estate. However, it’s not so easy. Going back brings back memories of Amanda Holmes, a girl who was bludgeoned to death in a rowboat at the camp twenty years prior. No one was charged with the murder so what really happened to Amanda? Did one of the siblings have anything to do with it? Who holds the missing piece to the puzzle? ‘I’ll never tell’ is described as a psychological thriller so maybe best to read this one by the pool and not in a dark alleyway. 


What little books do you enjoy reading in the summer sun? Leave your recommendations down below!

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