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5 Delicious Maracuja Dessert Recipes You Need To Make

5 Delicious Maracuja Dessert Recipes You Need To Make

The very particular taste of the passion fruit make it the perfecit ingredient to be used in the preparation of many sweet and savory dessert recipes

In this article, we decided to talk about 5 Maracuja savory and dessert recipes you absolutely need to make. The Maracuja, know with the name of Passion Fruit as well, is a juicy fruit born in Brazil, where the tropical climate favors its birth and development. When it is ripe, the passion fruit can be enjoyed by the spoon, dividing it in half and savoring the pulp with all the seeds. To understand when it’s time to eat it, just look at the skin: if it is slightly wrinkled it means that the fruit is ripe. But you can also find several variations that are beautiful to look at and tasty to eat. The very particular taste of the passion fruit makes it the perfect ingredient to be used in the preparation of many sweet and savory dessert recipes, drinks, sauces and so on. Ready to go on a journey into exotic tastes? Keep Reading!

1. Bolo de maracujá

To make this famous Brazilian cake recipe, first of all,  you have to cut 6 passion fruit in half and take off the pulp with a teaspoon. Then put in a bowl 4 eggs, 100g of corn seed oil, 300g of sugar and the pulp of 4 passion fruits, keeping aside what remains. They add slowly the 240g of flour. After that, pour the mixture on a pre-buttered baking sheet and cook in the oven pre-heated to 180°  for 40 minutes. Boil the pulp of the left passion fruits with 90g of sugar until it looks like syrup. Then pour it all on the top of the cake..and one of the best Maracuja dessert recipes is ready to be eaten!

2. Tenagaebi with Maracuja Sauce

In this recipe, Japanese tradition meets the exotic touch of passion fruit. The result is a fresh and creative dish, an explosion of flavors and colors that will captivate you. Start with the passion fruit sauce: mix and blend 100g of passion fruit juice, 50ml of dashi broth, 50ml of mirin, 50ml olive oil, 1g of chili pepper, a bit of salt and a bit of yuzu peel. The Japanese dashi broth is pre-ready one but if you want to do it at home you should boil together in pot kombu and katsuobushi seaweed. The mirin sauce is a sake-based Japanese sauce which you can find on the market, and the yuzu, instead, is a very aromatic mandarin-type Japanese citrus. Then clean the prawns and chop them with a sharp knife, until you get the consistency to make the tartare. Take a large plate, place the tartare in the center and garnish with the shiso pesto. Shiso is a Japanese aromatic plant known as Japanese basil.  Salt with red salt. Pour the passion fruit sauce on the bottom of the plate and garnish with drops of black sesame, mixed carrot curls and, if you wish, flowers! And here we looks like artwork!


3.  Frozen Maracuja Puddings

This is the perfect recipe for your summer days but also the perfect one to surprise your friends any time. Cut the Passion Fruit in half, remove the pulp, sieve it until you get 125g of juice.. (the rest will be used for the sauce). In a saucepan, beat 10 eggs yolks with 300g of sugar and add the Maracuja juice. Then place all on the stove in a water bath and cook it until it reaches 80 °. Meanwhile, you can make the meringue paste: whip the egg whites in a bowl, add 60g of sugar and work it for five minutes. Line a plum cake mold with plastic wrap, pour the mixture you did first and keep it in the freezer for a day. To make the sauce you need to do exactly the same you do for the Bolo De Maracuja! Once you turn out the pudding on the serving dish, cut the half into slices and serve at the table with the passion fruit seed sauce aside! So tasty!

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4.  Maracuja Smoothie with Papaya and Oranges

The Maracuja smoothie is energetic and rich in antioxidants, hesperidin and vitamin C that protect capillaries and stimulate collagen synthesis. Moreover, Papaya contains proteolytic enzymes, pro-vitamin A, vitamin E, polyphenols that counteract skin aging. It is a purifier for your body and, to make it, you need to dice the pulp of 1/2 papaya pulp, peel 1 orange, cut 3 passion fruits in half and with a scoop collect the mucilaginous content and seeds, squeeze the juice of 1 lime directly into the blender, with the fruits, 3 ice cubes and a leaf of mint. Whisk all the ingredients and refresh immediately! Enjoy!

5. Tagliolini Pasta with Maracuja, Saffron and Prawns

It is an unusual and tasty recipe you should definitely try! To make this pasta with Maracuja and Saffron you have to shell 8 prawns, remove them the carapace and the entrails and place them in a bowl, after having dabbed and dried them. After that, you can strain the pulp of 2 passion fruits and put the juice obtained in the prawns’ bowl, which you will leave to marinate. Meanwhile, cook 150g of Tagliolini in boiling salted water until they are al dente, adding just a bit of saffron in the pan.  Boil in the oil as much zucchini and carrots as you prefer and add to them the pasta and the prawns, adding a cup of cooking water, if necessary. And Voilà, Just try it!


Voilà, these were our Maracuja savory and dessert recipes. Just try to make them and let us know, with a comment below, if you enjoyed them. We also would love you to write other dessert recipes or savory recipes you made with uncommon ingredients!

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