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10 Delicious Carrot Recipes Perfect For Fall

10 Delicious Carrot Recipes Perfect For Fall

10 Delicious Carrot Recipes Perfect For Fall

The humble carrot. A sweet, robust and versatile ingredient and one of my favourite vegetables. It can be used in so many ways with so many different methods of preparing it. Here are 10 delicious carrot recipes for fall.

1. Honey and cumin roasted carrots

Honey and cumin is a classic flavour combination, the warm and earthy spice of the cumin works perfectly with the sweetness of the carrots. Roasting vegetables is always the best way to achieve maximum flavour out of them and adding spice makes them even better. For the recipe click here.

2. Carrot and sweet potato soup

Carrot and its sweet yet savoury flavour mean its perfect to use as the base of a soup. Combined here with sweet potato, plenty of Carribean spice and coconut milk, this soup is velvety and warmingly delicious. Perfect for fall. For the recipe head over to the BBC Food website.


3. Carrot cake

We, of course, couldn’t have made this list without including carrot cake. The use of carrots in a cake batter ensures that it almost always be moist and the light brown sugar gives it a lovely caramel-ey sweetness which is a classic fall flavour. This recipe is quick, cheap and easy, click here for it.

4. Vegan Carrot cake

With Veganism becoming increasingly popular, I thought I’d include a vegan carrot cake in this list so as to try and cater for everyone this fall. Using dairy-free milk and butter and coconut cream icing instead of the traditional cream cheese icing, this recipe is a tasty twist on a classic cake. Go to the GoodFood website for the recipe.

5. Gluten-free cake

A gluten-free diet s also one that shouldn’t be free of cake, especially carrot cake. Sometimes by making a cake by using gluten-free flour, like in this one, it can affect the flavour and texture. But the carrots in the cake ensure it stays moist and has a nice texture, so carrot cake is a good place to start in gluten-free cooking. Click here for the recipe.


6. Carrot, parmesan and chilli fries

By using carrots instead of the traditional potato for chips, you get that lovely chip shape and consistency but with a nice sweet vegetable flavour. You can use other hard cheeses, as parmesan isn’t vegetarian or everybody’s taste. These fries will make a lovely addition as a side with loads of fall dishes. Head over to the BBC Food website for the recipe.

7. Carrot, halloumi and dill balls

With the sweet, earthy flavour of the carrot, the salty crumbly halloumi and the fresh zesty taste fo dill, these balls will make a delicious addition to any fall meal or could make an excellent canape. Go to the Olive Magazine website for the recipe.

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8. Sri Lankan carrot curry

A carrot curry may not be something that’s commonly heard of, but it makes an excellent base for a curry as carrots work with so many spices so well. Being Sri Lankan this recipe has plenty of different spices mixed with coconut milk, perfect and warming for fall. And it’s vegan, click here for the recipe.

9. Carrot and nigella seed bhajis

Carrots work very well in this alternative approach to the classic Indian dish. The nigella seeds add a lovely woody spice that works very well with the sweet subtle flavour of the carrots. Perfect for fall as a meal, snack or canape, these bhajis are warmly spiced and delicious. Click here for the recipe.

10. Carrot and coriander falafel

Carrot and coriander is a classic and delicious combination. Put together here in this quick and simple recipe, it will be the perfect way to add some Mediterranean spice to your meals this falls. Go to the BBC Food website for the recipe.


Do you have any carrot recipes that are perfect for fall? Let us know in the comments.

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