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10 Decorative Dish Sets You Need For Your Flat

10 Decorative Dish Sets You Need For Your Flat

Decorative dish sets can really spice up your kitchen and dining room spaces. Whether you like patterns, brights or neutrals, we have you covered.

Moving out for the first time after uni is exciting for multiple reasons, but one of the most exciting is buying new homeware that isn’t just made up of the bits and bobs accumulated in your uni house. When it comes to kitchens, the dishes you buy are the perfect way to show off your personality, so here are 10 decorative dish sets to glam up your new flat.

1.The Marble Set

The marble dish set is totally on trend this year and is the perfect way to add some pattern and texture to your kitchenware without being too loud and bright. If you like simple decoration and the monochrome look then this is the dish set for you.


2.The Rustic Set

This cute green rustic set is perfect for anyone who loves the more natural vibe and wants to bring a sense of home comforts to their decoration. The mismatch of shapes and natural colours really emphasize the feeling of bringing the outside in and creating a calm and natural space.

3.The Baby Blue Set

This baby blue dish set is super cute and simple, perfect for anyone who loves minimal decoration, yet adds a dash of colour without being too overwhelming. Perfect to add a little bit of personality to your flat whilst still being neutral and calm, this is a set for anyone who wants to add a little bit extra.


4.The Pineapple Set

This cute pineapple themed dinner set is super on trend without being too tacky or loud. Its the perfect set for any grown up millennial who loves a bit of fun and standing out from the crowd. The matching pineapple mugs are too adorable to miss out on.


5.The Hexagon Set

This angular dining set is perfect for anyone who loves minimalism and simplicity but with a bit of an edge. Quirky design is a must for any modern apartment so add a bit of fun with this hexagon set.

6.The Bright and Colourful Set

For the person who loves a bit of colour, this bright yellow and orange set is perfect for bringing a bit of fun into the kitchen. It’s bright without being too loud and tacky and is perfectly on trend this summer.


7.The Pastel Pink Set

Totally millennial and undeniably cute, this pastel pink set is perfect for any girly girl. The pop of colour and fluted edges add personality to your kitchen, and the adorable bowl is an absolute must.

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8.The Geometric Set

This patterned dish set is perfect for a minimalist who loves geometric shapes and a pop of pattern. It’s even rose gold, perfectly on trend for 2018.

9.The Palm Leaf Set

Bring out the summer vibes with this totally on trend palm leaf dinner set. Its bright without being too much and adds a pop of colour to a plain kitchen. Perfect for anyone who loves the sun and can’t wait to host a summer party.


10.The Pink and Gold Set

This beautiful set is the perfect combination of a subtle pink hue with small gold details to create a cute yet sophisticated dish set, perfect for any aspiring grown up. Match with gold cutlery for a beautifully coordinated dining set.


Which of these decorative dish sets do you want to get? Let us know in the comments below!

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