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8 Decor Pieces Every Fresher Should Have In Their Dorm

8 Decor Pieces Every Fresher Should Have In Their Dorm

If your looking for some decor pieces to liven up your fresher dorm then look no further! Here are some great decorations for your new home.

Going off to University in September? You may be thinking about your up and coming university freshers room and what decor pieces you want. If you love home design, this may be an absolute dream to have a home away from home to decorate. If not, you may be a bit clueless about what to actually bring to your new bedroom away from home. It can be a bit scary living in a new place, that is why it is important to make it feel like your own and maybe even remind you of home. Here are eight decor pieces you definitely need as a fresher at university!

Art work to liven up your room

Being at university can often mean having a plain and simple room the exact same as your neighbour and fellow university mates. To make it feel more like your own, why not try adding some art work to add colour and personality into your room. Wall art is a massive trend right now  and you can find it all over Pinterest. A popular print based company Desenio, do a range of great affordable prints that you can hang around your room with hanging fabrics, to avoid damaging your rented room.

Heavenly scents

Accessories, the best part of any room. Fill your university room with adorable accessories to freshen and update the room. Candles are so easy to come by, not only are they aesthetically pleasing but they also add a heavenly scent, if your university allow candles. You can pick candles up from pretty much anywhere. You can’t really beat a Yankee candle though, they look and smell amazing. If you can’t have candles, why not try a diffuser which also look and smell great, without the risk of a  fire hazard in your new room.


Jazz up your floor

University flooring leaves little to the imagination, and normally comes in a green or blue carpet. Luckily, you can pick up super cute affordable rugs from places like IKEA, to liven up your room. A Pinterest favourites is Faux fur rugs. These add a sense of luxury to a room and look more expensive than they actually are.

Get lively with lighting

You can make your university room feel more homely with a range of lighting. My favourite type our fairy lights. You can wrap them around your bed, or shelving to create a calm happy atmosphere. You may also want to buy a lamp for your desk in case you are up late revising, which is probably more than likely if you are busy having fun with friends.

Heavenly nights sleep

After a long hard day of working, or a late night of partying, as a tired student there is nothing you will want more than to fall into your bed and sleep. Having comfy plush cushions not only look aesthetically pleasing but are also comfy, it is a win- win situation. To add warmth and further comfort take a big fluffy throw probably in grey or white to be bang on trend to add layers to your bed ensemble.

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Take something memorable from home

Having something from your family home, such as a blanket, special picture frame or just an old keep sake will help remind you of your family during this transition time at university.

Bring the outside in

Unfortunately, university rooms can often be a bit bleak. It is unlikely you will have a garden space, so it is up to you to bring the outside in. Faux plants is a massive trend for 2018. You can add small cacti or hanging plants from a shelf to add greenery and freshness to your room with decor pieces like this.


Cute additional storage

University rooms are known for their lack of space. So make the most out of yours with clever additional storage. You can take cute boxes and put them on shelves to store all your bits and bobs. Not only does this look tidy, it is super cute.

What are your university essentials in terms of decor pieces? Let us know in the comments below!
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