7 Dates You Can Take Yourself On If You’re Single And Not Ready To Mingle

Self-love is the name of the game, and for as much as a trend as it has become, it’s actually kinda important. If you’re ready to fall in love with yourself, then you might consider taking yourself out on some dates. That’s how all good relationships begin, right?

By spending time alone, we get to learn how to be okay with loneliness, how to enjoy our own company and overcome that strange, stupid stigma about not being able to enjoy ourselves as single pringles.

1. The Movies

The classic first date – one that requires little talking and minimal interaction.

If you’re looking to get better acquainted with yourself, start with a trip to the movies. If everyone else is sitting in silence, then you won’t feel so weirded out by doing the same.

It’s a good opportunity to practice being alone and doing things alone. If you suffer especially from social anxiety (or just…anxiety in general) these sorts of tasks can force you a little further outside your comfort zone, without jumping into a completely new environment.

2. A Coffee Date

That cute, little cafe on the corner you’ve always wanted to try? Well, there’s no better time than the present.

If you happen to find yourself in the area, just walk over and order that goddamn coffee! Take a seat, enjoy the view, and maybe even bring a book if you like! You can absolutely do this sort of thing on your own, and you won’t be the only one, so don’t worry about looking like the odd one out!

3. A Library Visit

Or a bookstore – whatever you prefer.

There’s nothing like the company of a good book, and there’s no reason you can’t go browsing for one on your lonesome. Plus, bookstores smell so good and are the chillest places ever!

A cute library visit will even mean you pick up a book and read it there if you like! Being alone doesn’t mean you can’t find things to do with yourself!

4. A Scenic Walk

While it might be best to stay away from any dangerous hikes as a loner (just in case you get lost or injured without any assistance around), a nice stroll on a warm day can be a great way to escape with yourself!

Does your town have any wetlands, lake or rivers? Chances are, yes, and you won’t be the only one enjoying a quiet stroll. If you feel like it, you can even bring along some headphones and music if that helps relax you!

5. A Restaurant Date

Okay, this one is testing. Not many people go out to eat a full meal on their own. Most of us prefer to keep our loneliness within the confines of our house!

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But, if you’re feeling like doing something bolder, you can absolutely reserve a table at that fancy restaurant you’ve always wanted to visit! Self-care is about eating good food too, and rewarding yourself – why feel self-conscious about dinner dates with yourself when you’ve earned it?

6. The Arcade

If you have one, swing by on your day off! Not every game at an arcade has to be two players, and it can be very therapeutic to throw a ball at some clown heads.

Your arcade might even a roller-skating rink attached – and that is definitely something you can and should enjoy regardless of if you’re only keeping yourself company!

7. A Beach Date

If you’re just there for a stroll, or if you wanna get plowed by some waves, this is definitely one of the most relaxing dates to take yourself on.

It helps, too, if the beach is mostly deserted – having all that time and space to yourself means you can do what you want without judgment! And that’s what dating yourself is all about – overcome judgment of yourself!

No one else is thinking, “oh, how sad, they’re out there all alone”, and you shouldn’t either! Adulthood is a lonely experience, but by learning to keep yourself company, it becomes just a little easier!

Would you take yourself on any of these dates? Tell us in the comments!

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