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7 Date Ideas For When You’re Both On A Budget

7 Date Ideas For When You’re Both On A Budget

Date ideas can often break the bank, but they don't have to. Wanna do something fun but you're on a budget? Here are 7 cheap date ideas for your next rendezvous.

Dates can be expensive and break the bank, especially if you’re both students or still getting the hang of adult life. But you don’t have to spend a ridiculous amount to go out and have fun together. As long as you both have a great time that’s all that matters, so here are some date ideas for when you’re both stretched thin and on a budget.

1. A picnic at the park

Picnicking at the park is a great way to spend the day during the spring and summer months. Buying snacks and prepping the food yourself is super cheap and you can easily prepare a picnic for two for way under £15. If you’re feeling lazy a 20 nugget share box from McDonald’s works just as well too. Lay out a blanket, set the food and enjoy each others’ company under the sun.

2. A home-cooked dinner for two

Eating out at restaurants can get expensive and really take a toll on your bank account if you both like to go out often. A great alternative would be to stay in and have a romantic home-cooked dinner. You can prepare the meal together, have fun while doing so and appreciate how hot your S/O looks in an apron. Light some candles and bring out the wine-glasses for a more romantic and intimate atmosphere.


3. Movie marathon at home

Depending on where you live, going to the cinema can be really expensive even with student discount. I live in London and tickets at central locations can cost £15 or more. Food and drinks at the theatre can also get very pricey. So what do you do? Have your own movie marathon at home. This is one of my favourite date ideas as you can get super comfy and cuddle up in front of the TV, which definitely beats the seats at the theatre.

4. Go on a walk

For a simpler date idea, just go out and take a walk with your partner. You can literally go anywhere. Walk through a park, take a trail through the woods or explore the local neighbourhood. Going out and exploring with your partner also allows you to find new places to visit. The perfect time to go on a walk would be during a summer evening, just as the sun is setting, making the atmosphere perfect and romantic.

5. Explore a market

Markets are a great date idea for any time of the year. There’s always something new to find and exploring all the available merchandise with your S/O is a great way to spend the day. From vintage pieces to new and unusual items there’ll be something for each of you to want to check out. The great thing about the market is that you can do a little bit of haggling, but if you’re not looking to shop then window-shopping is just as fun. Food at the market is also a lot cheaper than what you’d normally get at a restaurant and there’ll be all types of cuisine available to pick from.

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6. Check out the free exhibitions

If you live close to or in a city it’s guaranteed that there’ll be a free exhibition near you. Pick an art gallery or museum with your partner and go explore. Use it as a chance to learn something new or maybe discover an artist that you like. Galleries are also great for the gram so definitely bring your boyfriend along…

7. Get cosy in a cafe

Cafes have an extremely cosy vibe that makes you want to cuddle with your boo. This date idea is perfect for the chillier months when you just want to hang out somewhere warm and snug, complete with a cup of hot cocoa. You can find a cafe pretty much anywhere from chains like Starbucks and Costa to obscure hidden gems tucked away on a street. Cafe menus aren’t too expensive so grab a drink, a small snack and chat the day away with your date.


Have you been on any cheap dates with your S/O? Share your stories and date ideas in the comments below!

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