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Dance Workout Routine To Make Cardio Time Exciting

Dance Workout Routine To Make Cardio Time Exciting

Dance Workout Routine To Make Cardio Time Exciting

Going to the gym and heading for that treadmill or usual spin class can become too predictable and tedious, and we need more new blood in the fitness industry to mix things up a bit. And what better way to makes working out more fun than combining cardio with the trendiest song list? Women are now ditching the traditional understanding to a cardio workout for a more fun and exiting dance cardio routine! Celebs are loving this new trend and we should definitely get on board too! Dance fitness classes are the latest workout trend that combines the latest dance trends within the fitness routine, it  blends well with the active lifestyle that people seek. This new trend of dance workouts will make you feel refreshed and addicted  to this active lifestyle!

What is a dance workout routine?

If you haven’t heard of a dance workout routine then you are definitely missing out on the fun! Who said that workouts had to be boring and routinely done? Well, we all want to be fitness and living that active and healthy lifestyle but it doesn’t have to end there. This new trend in the dance workout routines is similar to a Zumba class but with more contemporary and trendy music. Most importantly the class is about having fun and along the way you will reap the benefits of a cardio workout. Apparently, this type of workout is adored by many celebs as a way to keep fit and lose weight, with additional benefits of stress relief and keeping track on that healthy living wagon. Each class will always be different and we assure you that once you start you can hardly stop dancing!

Benefits of a dance cardio workout

We all know that cardio is a great way to burn calories but it pretty much does only that, if you wanted to tone your body you have to do weight or HIIT training to achieve that. Well, a dance cardio routine can be sculpted into a fitness class that achieves all your workout needs, from burning calories to building muscles and keeping your body nice and toned, while you have the time for your life enjoying your favouring Spotify playlist.


Dancing is a full body workout that is not only fun but also great for stress relief. In the long run, it is beneficial for heart-healthy, improving your balance and body coordination. Most importantly, we all want to know just how efficient it is to fat burning right? 30 minutes of dancing burns around 130-250 calories and it’s so much more enjoyable than running.

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The best trainers to follow for a great dance workout

Megan Roup

Megan created the Sculpt Society as a way for people to work out even if they led a busy life and are always on the go. It includes everything from staying lean and strong within a short workout that takes less than an hour. The goal of her workouts is not only that of achieving physical transformation but also creating that positive mentality and a channel for stress relief. Even Victoria Secret models train with Megan to get ready for their fashion show and they incorporate this dance workout as part of a strict workout regimen. If you want to feel and train like an angel? What better way than dancing with Megan Roup along with her tutorials?


The Fitness Marshall

The Fitness Marshall is a YouTube sensation creating the channel since 2014 and have created a stream of entertaining, fun, adrenaline pumping workouts that are user-friendly. The workouts are relatively short for those who are always on the run and really want to squeeze in a fun workout! The tutorial videos feature dancers of all levels, so don’t worry if you are not a dancer! Along with fun tracks even though the workouts are short but we are not stopping you from compiling multiple videos for a longer session.

Why not check out your local gym for a dance class or simply follow the workout routine on YouTube and see for yourself the amazing affects of this trending dance workout routine?

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