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10 Daily Exercises You Should Be Doing

10 Daily Exercises You Should Be Doing

10 Daily Exercises You Should Be Doing

Doing daily exercise can be difficult, especially in this day and age where everyone’s too busy, too tired, or too hungover to do anything. But exercising daily can benefit you immensely in the long run, and it does have to be horrible and hard core. Ultimately you want your daily exercises to increase your quality of life, and make you feel good so you’re able to get through the week and improve as a person.

Daily exercises should consist of stretches, a little cardio and a little toning, but mainly we’re trying to strengthen and release any tension.

1. Squats

Squats are a general great exercise all round. Most people don’t know actually know how to do a proper squat, so remember to keep your back straight, and heels and toes firmly on the floor. Make sure you can see your toes, but not too much, they should be directly under your hips. Your feet doesn’t need to be straight in front of you though, they should be turned out slightly.


2. Plank

A plank is a great exercise, its great for your core, your arm strength and your mental health. It may sound slightly odd but its a known fact that planks are difficult , but they’re way more difficult in your mind than in reality. Once you start doing planks regularly you’ll realize how easy they are and getting over that challenge daily can be very rewarding.

3. Yoga

If you’re an early riser, the morning is the best time for yoga. If you like a lie in, getting in the habit of getting up and doing a small 10 minute yoga practice can be incredibly beneficial for you. You’ll be able to move through your day with a clearer mind, you’ll feel more balanced and aligned and it gives you time to breath and stretch – kind of like a warm up before your day.


4. Walking

This doesn’t need to be an intense fast paced walk. But just walk somewhere, everyday. Just a little. Connect with your environment, and feel the ground under your feet. Get that vitamin D and breathe that fresh air.

5. Child’s Pose

Child’s pose is a stretch mostly used in Yoga. You start by sitting on you knees on the floor – pad your knees if you need to, then bend forward, stretch your knees wide and melt your heart to the floor. This is great for people that send long days sitting at a desk. It stretches out your back and shoulders, and just feels yummy.


6. Hip Bridge

Hip bridge is great for people who are seated alot in their daily life. start by laying on your back with your feet planted firmly on the fleet then lift your bum up with your hands. it stretched out your back and hips and its great for your glutes.

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7. Cat Cow

Cat Cow is usually used in yoga and Pilates and is the ultimate spine strech. You start on all fours and curl your back round, dropping your head down, then breath in arch your back and bring your head and heart upwards, it truly feels great, and you can do it for as long or as little as you want.


8. Seated forward fold

This one is really simple and great for people who are busy and on their feet all day. just sit on the floor cross legged and lean forward, open your knees as wide as you need to and try to stretch your arms as far out in front as possible. It may be difficult at first but trust me, it gets easier. Its a great hip stretcher.

9. Air biking

Sometimes its just great to lay on the floor with your back flush with the hard ground, feel free to give yourself a little back massage by rocking back and forth. Then add a little heat by doing a little air biking, its great for all of your abs, just remember to start low and work your way upwards.


10. Sit-ups with a twist.

Lay down on your back with your arms above your head. Then use your lower back to thrust yourself up and hold your ankles, then lay back down again, not allowing your feet to touch the ground at any point. This is perfect for toning your lower back – one of the hardest places to tone, and gives you a little abs workout.

Fitting in exercise can definitely be tricky especially when you live a busy life style. What are you favourite daily exercises that you’ll never miss?

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