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15 Cutest Restaurants To Go On A BFF Date In Edinburgh

15 Cutest Restaurants To Go On A BFF Date In Edinburgh

Looking forward to a fun night with your BFF? Make sure to stop by one of the cutest restaurants in Edinburgh for amazing food and a night of fun!

Having a cute date night is the most important event on any girl’s calendar. Picking a location is the toughest decision, but to ease that pressure here are 15 cute restaurants to try for a great BFF date in Edinburgh.

1. Miros

Located on Rose street alleyway, this Mexican themed restaurant is perfect for a summer date; with outdoor seating and a range of frozen margarita choices, this is the place for the perfect date night with your BFF. Just don’t forget to buy the churros for dessert as it makes a great sharing platter.

2. Bread Meets Bread

Bread Meets Bread is a great place to go for lunch when you need some much needed catch up time with your bestie. With a large menu, including a specialty glazed doughnut burger; this is the best place in Edinburgh for a good old catch up and great food.


3. Tuk Tuk

This Indian restaurant has mini platters to share so if you and your BFF are spoilt for choice then why not share and try new flavours together. There is a large selection of food dishes to choose from and the layout of the restaurant is very bright and welcoming, which is great for that all needed one on one time with your bestie.

4. Badabings

Sometimes it’s hard to catch up or learn all the latest gossip when there’s children about, but have no fear Badabings has a child free environment in their upstairs section. This is perfect for a date with your BFF without having a crying baby ruining the vibe. Additionally, Badabings has great offers on 2 for 1 items and if you’re not up for eating too much, there is the cocktail menu instead.

5. Las Iguanas

Seeking some Latin American food? Well look no further than Las Iguanas. This restaurant is perfect for sharing a large range of tapas! Even if this BFF date is short, the pudding selection here is a must to try, so you know there will be no sharing here. With their reasonable prices and great choice of cocktails to choose from, there will be loads to talk about and relish.


6. Croma

Looking for more than just a dinner date with your BFF? Croma is the place for you, located on Lothian road, this pizza place is a calm unspoiled restaurant; and what makes it even more unique is right next door there is a cinema, which is great for adding other more options for your BFF date. So, great pizza and a movie all rolled into one, it’s not one to disappoint.

7. Hulla Juice Bar And Gallery

Nowadays with so many food trends in eating healthy, sometimes it can be hard to arrange a BFF date if one of you is healthy conscious or has allergies. Hulla Juice Bar is great, as there are plenty of healthy alternatives and a such a great lively vibe! This place is ideal with its cute trendy furniture and seating arrangements, meaning the hardest choice during this date will be picking which smoothie you’d like from the vast choices on the menu.

8. Illegal Jacks

Everyone arranges BFF dates normally the day after a heavy night out, so there’s nothing better than a hangover cure at Illegal Jacks. This establishment has the greatest Mexican food with an American twist, so you know it won’t disappoint. This BFF date is not only one to remember, but with such a large variety of flavours, it will become a regular spot.


9. The Baked Potato Shop

Baked potatoes may be a simple choice, but with such a large variety of filings, this is a great BFF spot where both can be satisfied food wise; but also great for a bit of BFF catch up time. Additionally, everything on the menu is vegetarian so it is great if either of you are a fussy eater or both want to try something different; it’s all about the taste and adventure.

10. The Mussel And Steak Bar

Summer is great for outdoor ventures and the Mussel and Steak bar is great for that outdoor chill vibe with your BFF. The menu itself also has a wide selection of great steaks, and this family run establishment means there is a personal touch and great memories to be made here.

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11. Mia Italian Kitchen

Italian is ever so popular, but finding a good quiet place is never easy. However, at Mia this ticks all the boxes; a quiet relaxing atmosphere, good fine Italian wine, and great Italian food makes this place the ultimate restaurant to have a BFF date. Making it extra special is the quaint layout looking out onto the Dalry area, so there’s a lot to see and talk about.

12. Mumbai Mansion

Indian food can be such a delight, and Mumbai Mansion is an excellent place for your BFF date; with its exquisite décor and unique selection of curries it will not disappoint. This is the ideal restaurant, as they  have the traditional Indian cuisine and additionally this place serves yummy cocktails, so you and your BFF can ponder over the selection. So, get ready to post your order on Instagram and make others jealous.

13. Wagamamas

Thai food is an excellent way to try new cuisines; however, Wagamanas is a welcoming establishment and is a well-known destination for regular BFF catch up dates. With additional booths and a traditional menu, this spot really plays out well for a yummy catch up and chill time. What makes the date even better is laughing and joking while either yourself or your novice bestie attempts to work the chopsticks; so keep Wagamanas open for date night.


14. Petit Paris

Located on the Grassmarket area in Edinburgh, the Petit Paris is like a lunch date transported into France itself. This beautiful snug café is excellent for a long awaited catch up; and if you don’t have enough to talk about there’s the scene around you to discuss and enjoy. So put this spectacular place on the BFF date checklist and it will not disappoint.

15. Indaba

Ideal for a pleasant evening with your bestie. With a fine selection of tapas, this South American/ African restaurant shows its true potential if you give it a try. With a welcoming atmosphere, this culture incorporated restaurant has a hearty value and exceptional selection of treats from their menu; so why not share some of these delights and make this a must go destination for your next BFF date?PLaces

These are 15 of the cutest restaurants that are perfect for a BFF date in Edinburgh. Share your thoughts in the comment section below!
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