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The Cutest Couples’ Goals Pictures On Pinterest

The Cutest Couples’ Goals Pictures On Pinterest

If you still live at home and are currently in a relationship, then chances are you can probably relate to a lot of the struggles on this list.

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, these cute couples’ goals pictures will inspire your affectionate side and might even tug on your heart strings a little, romantics and non-romantics alike. We all have different and unique ideals in a relationship, and the standards set by the following photos aren’t necessarily realistic for all couples, but they are mostly adorable and are guaranteed to make you and your partner smile.

This picture of a couple comfortably sharing headphones, sat in complete harmony watching something together on their phone is millennial goals x 1000. Technology is such a huge part of our generation, so being able to share it with someone is essential in a relationship – these two seem to have that aspect covered!

The beauty of this photo is that they look so happy.

So comfortable and at ease with one another. You can’t help but think of that feeling of being in-love and barely taking notice of the world around you. All that can be said is that we want to feel that happy, and to make someone else feel that happy too!


Everything about this photo is couples’ goals.

From the pizza to the Disney film, to the fairy lights, to the matching pj’s, to the ability to eat messy foods on white sheets, then finally to the perfect sleeping pooch lazing in the corner. A cozy winter evening in like this, watching movies and eating food, is desirable all year around.

We all want to be in a relationship with someone who allows us to use them as a footrest – any time, any place, no questions asked.

Being comfortable enough with someone to even initiate putting your dirty shoe on their leg is beyond cute on their part, you just wonder what the reaction would be when the roles are reversed…

Travelling around the world with that one special person is potentially one of the biggest couples’ goals trending amongst twenty and thirty-something-year-olds nowadays.

Can someone donate us a travelling fund and set us up with that perfect travelling companion, please? We’d happily spend months frolicking around the beach with a permanent tan.


Is it too unrealistic to lust after a potential lover who will sit on the toilet and read to us while we bathe?

Is it? We don’t want them in the bath, just right next to us where we can see and hear them. Maybe they could bring us a glass of wine and feed us cheese too. If you don’t ask, you don’t get!

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Get yourself a partner who you can lean on not only emotionally, but also physically.

Sometimes you just want to sleep, and having another person there willing to be your pillow is pretty special at the end of the day. These couples’ goals is particularly desirable on public transport and during any long journey.


We want the view, we want the bed, and we want a whole day to spend there.

Being able to spend the full day in bed with your partner is considered a luxury for many people I’m sure, because who really has the time? If we could, we would, that’s for certain.

Everyone wants something different from a sleeping companion

Some people want to be cuddled all night long, while others prefer their personal space in bed. In either case, waking up to the feeling of your partner rolling over and putting their arm around you is unlikely to be rejected by anyone. It is couples’ goals.

So, which couples’ goals picture did you think was the cutest?

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