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15 Cute Ways To Wear Blouses

Lets start with the white blouse: about the most classic fashion item ever. The white blouse is definitely a staple when it comes to dressing an outfit down, but it is the best base to start with, should you wish to experiment with your style. Tim Gunn, American fashion consultant, said of the white blouse that it is the “one plus ultra of elegance and good taste”. Indeed, Mr Gunn, I can think of no greater item than a simple blouse when it comes to dressing. Here are 15 of the cutest ways to wear blouses!

1. Accessory Heaven

Being one of the simple pleasures in life, the white blouse really doesn’t require much for day time dressing. However, a great way to wear your blouse with a touch of glamour would be to add the perfect accessories. ‘How to be Parisian wherever you are’ suggests always carrying some oversized sunglasses in your bag for dressing up an outfit in an emergency.

2. The Graphic Tee

Again, what cannot be solved by good accessories?! A basic white tee is a stunning addition to any wardrobe, but it’s just as satisfying to invest in a t-shirt with your favourite logo, print, or cartoon character on it. Super fun and eye-catching, this is just another example of how versatile a blouse or t-shirt is. Wear with your favourite trainers for optimum graphic effect.

3. Shoulder The Burden

If we can even call it a burden, that is. How can anyone not be obsessed with off the shoulder this season? This delicate and ethereal style is ideal for both city life in London as much as it is for holidays. The best items are also the most flexible; you can wear this blouse with any style of jeans or trousers, for a night out or just a lunch date!

4. Suit Up

Make like Captain America this summer and suit up! Find the perfect matching trousers for your blouse- and then wear it with a blazer for a complete three pieced suit. You need fear the dress code ‘smart casual’ no longer, because while the white blouse worn with just jeans can be uber causal, when paired with trousers it is the polar opposite. A white suit takes keeping cool in the sun to a whole new level!

5. The Shirt Dress

Keep them guessing this summer and and turn your blouse into a dress. This is a particular favourite of mine because of how well it flatters every figure. While they will vary in design and details, the shirt dress is often cinched at the waist to flow naturally with the body. Not much left to say except yes!

6. Give ‘Em The Cold Shoulder

If you still happen to find yourself apprehensive about one shoulder or off the shoulder tops, then the halter neck style of the cold shoulder top is certainly for you. The best part? The awkward struggle to hide your bra will be a distant memory because the only part exposed with this top will be the shoulders. If you’re lucky enough, you might find a blouse with a quirky print or decadent details. This cold shoulder is worth it!

7. I Got It From My Mama

Quite literally in fact. If you dare to go vintage this summer, Mum’s wardrobe is without a doubt the first place you should look. For instant vintage tones, style your blouse with a large belt or cigarette trousers. Mother really does know best.

8. Too In-Vest-Ed.

Whether your blouse is the star of your fashion show or the bottoms you choose to pair it with are, you are still in for a guaranteed chic effect. I am especially fond of the style proverb ‘boobs or legs’ because it helps you decide whether your bottoms or your top will be the showstopper today. So if you choose to let your blouse take the form of a white vest, you have free reign when it comes to deciding what to wear it with. Try bright trousers and a purse bag!

9. Take A Bow

A modern twist in a classic item. Your simple blouse need not be ‘just a blouse’ if you change the game and tie a bow in the front of it. Totally a ‘why didn’t I think of it before’ moment. Take the bottom edges of the front of the shirt and tie a knot. Viola! Stop, crop and roll!

10. Under Wraps

What better way is there to channel ballet chic than with a beautiful blouse. But not just a beautiful blouse, but one which wraps much like a ballet cardigan. There is not a more graceful or magical kind of blouse on the high street in this writer’s opinion. Because it is such a winning item on its own, you really do not have to do much to dress this outfit up or down.

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11. Hit Me With Your Best Spot

So you’ve chosen the perfect jacket for the weather and the day. But lo and behold, your most beautiful flamboyant top doesn’t fit seamlessly with it. Call me captain obvious, but a simple blouse will do the job without a contest. It’s ‘boobs or legs’ all over again. Sometimes it’s a give and take even between clothes, and today let your blouse be the giver.

12. Triple Threat

They say what you wear and how you carry yourself says a ton about you. If so, tell the world how much you love yourself by turning your blouse into the fashion statement of the decade. When it comes to dressing, one should never do things by halves, so say it loud and say it proud with a dressy and ostentatious blouse which expresses you perfectly.

13. Meeting In The Middle

Flaunt your gorgeous décolletage with a blouse which meets in the middle of your chest. This is such a classic way to wear a blouse because it allows the wearer to combine the beauty of vintage with modernity. Whether plain or patterned, this blouse fits as effortless in with a pencil skirt as it does with a pair of jeans. The power is in your hands.

14. Bananas In Pyjamas

Hearkening back to the good old days of Bananas In Pyjamas. For those who didn’t watch the beloved children’s television show, it featured two lifelike bananas going about their day in their nightclothes. Now I don’t know about you but this sounds like advice to copy and live by. And with the pyjama blouse trend being the humongous 2017 hit that it is, it seems I’m not the only one making their nightclothes their work clothes. I dare someone to find a reason why this is a bad idea.

15. Cheap Frills

This is an unusual blouse for sure. But one that I have come to love with my entire chest. Frills often appear outdated or you may think them unsuitable for you. I hope I can share my love for this unique style of blouse with you by discussing how they can only ever add individuality to an outfit, rather than detract from your beauty. A total bonus is that they can be found both on the high street and in markets. I smell a bargain!

These are 15 cute ways to wear blouses! Share your thoughts and any questions in the comments below!
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