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15 Cute Vases We Are Loving For Your Flat

15 Cute Vases We Are Loving For Your Flat

Here are some really cute vases that will totally liven up your flat or house! Just think of all the possibilities there are with these!

We all love flowers, so vases are a great décor item to have in every household. They’re very versatile and can easily be moved around to spice up your house. They come in so many different shapes and sizes that you could easily get lost among all of the items available online. We’ve picked 15 cute vases that we think you’re going to love for your flat – check them out:

1.Axis Vase

Price: £52

This beautiful vase with an ash base will be the perfect addition to any interior. Its classic look is complemented by a simple yet unique twist – the opening is located on the side, instead of in the middle of the vase.

2.Cosmic Diner Starman Vase

Price: £50

This very unique vase doesn’t even look like one – it’s a hyper-realistic sculpture of an astronaut. It will definitely brighten up any room and draw lots of attention.


3.Tree Trunk Medium Vase

Price: £89

The funky design on this vase makes it look like an actual tree trunk! The cute zebra pattern comes in three different colours – white, pink, and green, which will help you choose the best option for your house.

4.Bally Ceramic Vase

Price: £19, currently on sale for £15.20

This very cute vase comes in a lovely round shape and very pretty colour that will look great in any interior. Despite its size, it will only fit a couple of flowers, but you could still create a very unique look for your flat.

5.Large Ceramic Pomegranate Vase

Price: £29

Another beautiful vase that will look incredible in any interior. This hand-painted creation comes in a number of different designs, but the pomegranate one in particular is considered to be a symbol of luck.


6.Tutenvasen Hellbraun Vase

Price: £43

Its name is quite the mouthful, but this unique porcelain vase will make a beautiful addition to your room and you’ll be loving it just as much as we are. It’s designed as a paper bag – need I say any more!

7.May Rich Fox Vase

Price: £49.66

Can a vase get any cuter than this? The adorable sleeping fox makes this vase the perfect addition to any room, but in particular to a bedroom – it will fit right in with its cozy design. The neutral colour will make it easy to seamlessly add this item to any interior.

8.Cat Planter Vase

Price: £7.85

Etsy often has some incredible items for sale and this vase is no exception. It comes in lots of different colours and sizes, so you’ll be able to request a unique item for your flat. Made with biodegradable plastic, these cute vases will make the perfect addition to any house.


9.Edison Vase

Price: £17

With such an interesting design, this vase definitely won’t fail to impress you! Made to look like a lightbulb, this item will fit well into any modern interior. It’s made from clear glass, which gives it a very neat, clean look.

10.Hexagon Vase

Price: £13.50

This very simple yet pretty vase is available in a variety of colours and sizes, which will help you find the perfect type for your flat. Made out of powder coated metal and given a matte finish, this collection of vases will perfectly complement any interior.

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11.Florist Bucket Vase

Price: £18.50

Is this really a vase, you may ask? Yes, this incredibly unique vase looks exactly like a florist’s bucket, which gives it a very funky feel. It’s both simple and rustic, making it a great addition to any household.

12.Marine Shapes Vase

Price: £49.99

Designed by Zara Home, this ceramic vase has a very unique design that will inevitably stand out from the crowd. It looks very different and will make a great decorative addition to any room.

13.Ballarat Vase

Price: £30

The unique and colourful design on this vase makes it the perfect item to get for any flat. The kaleidoscopic effect of the hand-painted patterns is unlike any other we’ve ever seen.


14.Latika Leaf Vase

Price: £49.95, currently on sale for £39.97

This beautiful vase features a very funky rustic silver design with a leaf pattern. It looks modern and classy, so you’ll definitely be able to find a place for it in your flat. Its unique look will definitely turn some heads!

15.Metal Vase

Price: £24.99

With its beautiful design and very clean look, this vase will complement any room in your house. It’s simple yet pretty, which is the beauty of it. The matte black finish will look incredible in any interior, we promise.

Which of these cute vases is your favourite? What cute vases do you own? Let us know in the comments below!

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