20 Cute Summer Outfit Ideas To Beat The Heat

I don’t know about you, but I have had enough of the cold and rain. I am SO ready for summer this year. Get ready to wear beautiful floral patterns, some throw back trends, and new 2018 trends as well! You’ll look forward to your next hot date night or casual beach day. To help us get in the mood and soak up some rays, here are the 20 cute summer outfit ideas to beat the heat in summer 2018!

1. Floral Dresses

Always a must in any summer season but this year especially! Pair this floral dress with a cute pair of sandals and keep it simple and stylish.

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2. 1980s

Yes that’s right – the decade has made comeback this summer! I love these oversized dungarees and simple t-shirt paired with some 80s style pumps.

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3. Disco Glam

It’s all about the shimmer and shine this summer, so dust off your parents’ flares and pair this shabby outfit with some pumps.

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4. Feathers

These babies floated elegantly down the catwalk recently but with that summer heat, do we really want feathers sticking to our skin? So, opt for something like this feather print floaty top with cute denim shorts to stay on trend without the stick!

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5. Transparent Dresses

This year we saw a lot of see-through clothing strutting down the catwalk aisle. Forever 21 has taken this bold trend and tamed it into something wearable and comfortable for the heat. A great pair of bohemian earrings would complete this look.

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6. Fringing

This is a great trend to rock at a fun filled festival and is one of the best summer outfit ideas to wear. This adorable fringed dress with skinny belt is perfect to keep you easy and breezy.

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7. Sporty Look

We love the sporty look but if you don’t want to look like you’ve just escaped from the gym, how about donning some cute white pumps with a classic summer midi skirt? Beat the heat and look cute because this one of the best summer outfit ideas.

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8. Could You Pull Off The Plastic Look?

Rubber and plastic make models look fantastic but what about the rest of us? If you’re brave enough, you’ll be the height of fashion with these sleek black leggings.

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9. Check Print

Check mate! Squared patterns are super on trend this season like this cute pair of tailored gingham dresses at ASOS. Pair it with some cute flats and shades.

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10. Pastel Colours

These dominated the catwalk this year. We love these slinky wide leg trousers paired with this crop top in the same colour. On trend and cool as a cucumber.

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11. Red Bodysuit

Beat the heat with this sultry red bodysuit. The plunge neckline and fire bright color will make a great addition to your summer wardrobe and it makes it one of the sexiest summer outfit ideas.

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12. Palm Beach Glam

I love these floaty dresses with leaf prints that will make you feel exotic and fresh. Pair it  together with an oversized hat and sunglasses for a real celeb glam look.

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13. Power Shorts

We love to bring out those denim shorts every summer but try something different this year with these high-waisted floral prints! These are one of the cutest summer outfit ideas to wear and pair them with some strappy pumps.

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14. Rainbow Stripes

Butterflies, rainbows, and unicorn themed everything are what we want to fill our summer with. Multi-coloured stripes are a big hit for this summer. Have a peek at this cute horizontal striped top and pair it with denim for a fun look.

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15. Hippy Chic

The bohemian look is always a hit but 2018 brings up cropped knit sweaters with floaty hippy maxi skirts – a perfect match for a more brisk British summer!

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16. Bold Crayon Colours

These dominated the cat walk so if you feel like pastels are a little too bland, spice up your evening wear with some bold crayon coloured red trousers.

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17. Hair Accessories

Flower crowns are magical and you’ll feel like a summer goddess. Wear it with a lace skater dress or pair it with crop top and shorts. This ultra cute accessory will pair with all of your summer outfit ideas.

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18. Off Shoulder

If your tan is shaping up nicely – it’s time to bring out the off the shoulder dress to show off that bronze! These are stunning paired with laced summer sandals for a day time casual look or switch it to some pumps for a night out!

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19. Pleated Mini Skirt

Pair your skirt with a crop top, bodysuit, or denim jeans. The choices are endless and they make such great summer outfit ideas. These skirts are versatile and easy to style with just about anything. Throw on a cute kimono for those chilly beach nights!

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20. Sunglasses

These are always a must for summer but we been there and done it with the bug eyes. Notice the sunglasses trend this year is angular, sharp, and super edgy.

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Would you wear these summer outfit ideas this season? Let us know in the comments below!

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