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10 Cute Storage Essentials For Your College Dorm

Experts say that organizing and your college dorm can significantly affect your well being and your academic performances as well. That’s why we selected 10 cute storage that can fit in a small habitat thanks to their functionality, maximizing your space giving your room a touch of style to gladly share with your classmates!

1. Clothes Rack

It can seem trivial, but it always remains one of the best organization pieces. Very easy to assemble, even when fully loaded, it rakes up minimal space! It is a pleasure on the eye as well because once you hang your clothes it plump shows your fashion personality. Just the cute storage you need!

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2. Bed Risers

The bed risers are definitely designed to fit college dorm square wooden bed frames and provide extra space under your mat! They raise the bed up just enough so that you can fit more stuff underneath, but not so high that you have to jump up onto your bed. People who bought it says “The increase in storage space under the bed was significant. These would be a great gift for a student living in a small room where space is at a premium. The product is well crafted of sturdy polymer-type plastic. Considering price, it’s a great value box!” Very useful, don’t you think?

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3. Light

Lightning is always essential to create a bright and cozy ambiance for your study time. In its different colors, we selected the Fado Table Lamp created by Ikea. The right one if you want to create a soft, cozy mood light in your room without spending a lot.

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4. Ria Leaning Rattan Mirror

This leaning full-length mirror is part of Urban Outfitters exclusive Ria collection. Made from bound rattan with rounded edges, Leaning mirror features 5 rungs for hanging essentials. It requires assembly but once you have done you will find it very useful for his double functions!

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5. Rooney Wall-Mounted Desk

Save space while making room for creativity with this wall-mounted fold-out desk! Small desk features a base that folds down when in use from a pull tab and features a fabric backing at the the the interior to pin up your favorite mementos and inspirations.

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6. Wire Wall Grid aka Jewellery display

Always a must have! It is easy to store your stuff on a hang-able wall grid. It comes ready to display photos and note but also your jewelry and plants. It will never go out of style!

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7. Tree Hanging Shelf

These shelves are simple to hang and add a rustic modern look to any room!

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See Also

8. Diffuser

Sleeping well is important for your studying performances. And to sleep well you need a nice perfume in your room. With this compact essential oil diffuser we selected, you maintain super-serene vibes whenever. Compact, durable construction can slip into any bag and powers via USB connection. Add water and your favorite essential oils for hydration and soothing vibes in an instant!

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9. Invisible Book Wall Shelf

Between all the cute storage, we also select this powder coated steel shelf hides underneath stacks of books, so it looks like they’re floating. It holds up to 15 books and it is an ultra-modern cute addition to any dorm space.

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10. Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer

Experts suggest utilizing closet doors for storing shoes or other small items. In fact, Over-the-door pocket hangers are great because they don’t require any hammering or holes in the wall and they are very simple to move.  We recommend this style below, as the clear pockets make it easy to see what is stored. As an added bonus, it forces you to put your shoes away and keeps shoes off the dusty closet floor!

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We hope this article will be useful for you and we are looking forward to hearing something about your own dorm cute storage and your organizational tips. Comment below!

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