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15 Cute Maxi Skirt Outfits To Copy

15 Cute Maxi Skirt Outfits To Copy

Maxi skirt outfits are perfect for any season. Whether you like black maxi skirts, pleated, tulle, or even maxi dresses, these are cute outfits to copy!
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Ah, glorious sunshine. Summer is here at last! It’s time to welcome exquisite summer days, scorching nights and endless beach moments. But with the change of seasons comes that inevitable war with one’s wardrobe; what to wear: the summer edition. As we tentatively step out from under our mountain of fur coats, we begin to resent anything that’s full length or long-sleeved. But there is one item of clothing that transcends all seasons; the maxi skirt. Here are 10 outfits with a maxi skirt or dress that you need to copy right now!

1). The Patterned Maxi Skirt.

With the world having suddenly transitioned into the tropical islands, it’s only natural you should want to blend in and celebrate nature with pretty florals and fruity tones. This season has seen wonderful prints all over the high street, so many in fact, that it would be impossible to find one not perfectly suited to your palette and figure. The patterned maxi skirt you need to copy right now can be found at H&M.

2). The Tulle Skirt.

Voluminous and fabulous. The tulle skirt is a certified win when it comes to adding glamour to an outfit through the tried and tested means of a maxi skirt. A tip to be aware of when searching the internet for your favourite style of maxi tulle skirt is that many of them come with varying layers of tulle for that authentic ballet chic look. Be sure to shop around high street favourites like H&M and Topshop for the perfect tulle maxi skirt. For the maxi that will fit you to a tee, tulle is a glamorous summer favourite that you should definitely copy.


3). The Pleated Maxi Skirt.

Those childhood dreams of becoming a princess can finally be brought to life with the summer 2017 favourite of a pink pleated maxi skirt. The full length pleats that go all the way around the skirt make for a surprisingly airy and whimsical feel and a look that flutters in the breeze. The pink pleated maxi skirt will also keep you cool while still looking effortlessly chic. This is a great piece for making a summer statement.

4). White Linen.

The most breathable and lightweight fabric ever to grace the high street. Plain white maxi skirts, while completely elegant, are simple enough to leave room for other fun statement pieces in an outfit, such as a graphic tee, a patterned blouse or statement earrings. One fashion tip of wearing white in summertime is that it is keeps the body cooler and combined with the linen material, this white maxi skirt is one you definitely need to copy.

5). Maxi Skirts as Occasion Wear.

You would be pleasantly surprised by how seamlessly maxi skirts blend in at occasions, whether they be weddings, communions or even birthday parties. In all fabrics and materials (bar denim), the fuller and longer material of the maxi skirt eliminates the casual feel that one might get from a mini skirt, making it ideal for more formal attire. Given up on finding the perfect dress to wear to an occasion? No biggie. Meet the maxi, your new ‘best dressed guest’ friend. Wear with heels, but be careful not to outshine the bride!


6). Vintage Maxi Skirts.

The older generation had many aspects of life down to a fine art, and luckily for us, there is no question that one of those things was style. In fact, one may argue that they were so well dressed, their casual everyday outfits are now seen as our generations’ modern elegance. Winning fashion tip: recycle your parents and grandparents’ maxi dresses and skirts for this season’s most refreshing and original looks. Call it a modern take on 1950’s and 60s classics and this is something you definitely need to copy.

7). Maxi Dresses.

Ok, so this one might be cheating ever so slightly, but there’s no doubt that maxi dresses are a summer favourite, coming in a variety of styles and fabrics. A doubly sneaky win for the maxi dress is that you’ll save money by not buying two separate matching pieces. A maxi dress and skirt will be your staple summer piece, whether you’re in the city or on holiday. Yay for winning!

8). The Satin Maxi Skirt.

An unusual entry, but nonetheless a lightweight and ethereal addition to the wardrobe this summer. One thing to love about satin is that it can still look wonderfully decadent in a wide range of colours from staple black, cream, white, navy and heck even millennial pink! What we’re looking for in our maxi skirts this summer is breathable material and would you believe it? The satin maxi delivers on that too. If this isn’t a skirt to copy, we don’t know what is.


9). The Ruffled Maxi Skirt.

Suspiciously like wearing the picnic blanket you packed for the beach, the ruffled gingham maxi skirt injects all the European chic you’ll need into your summer outfit. Being the most eye-catching wardrobe piece of the entire year, all that you’re required to wear with this maxi skirt is a couple of simple accessories and a picnic basket for added effect. You can call us summer ready.

10). The Black Maxi Skirt.

Like the black canvas on which you create your finest summer art, the black maxi skirt is a fine piece for crafting your perfect summer outfit. Utterly versatile, black is something we know can really be worn comfortably with anything. This is a maxi skirt outfit you need to copy right now for advanced style ability.

11). The Polka Dot Maxi Skirt.

Another vintage maxi skirt classic that is a must have for your summer wardrobe. Some believe that polka dot, much like marmite, is something you’ll either love or hate. But one sure-fire way to win at this beautiful and much-loved style is to copy it with your favourite clothes and accessories, and don’t worry about clashing with it; polka dot is sweet enough that it transcends the usual rules of fashion.

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12). Block Colour Maxi Skirts.

Whatever wearing colour is your favourite, be sure to wear your block coloured maxi skirt with pride and confidence this summer. Once you’ve sourced the most flattering colour for your maxi skirt, one that both completely suits your skin and you love to the ends of the earth, there will be no insecurity or doubt. There is no fashion feeling like the one you get when you find the item that makes you utterly happy and comfortable. When it comes to comfort versus style, a maxi skirt in one full colour succeeds at both.

13). Denim Maxi Skirts.

Jeans are the best. No other item of clothing can compare. But unfortunately the scorching weather means our jeans have been regaled to the back of the wardrobe as they are simply too hot to wear **sniff**. But fashion being the omniscient force that it is, has found a way to make jeans a summer must-have; the denim skirt. While typically coming in shorter styles, the denim maxi skirt has popped up on our feeds being worn effortlessly by our favourite bloggers no less. Time to hop on the denim maxi bandwagon.


14). Lace Maxi Skirts.

Spring and summer personified. A lace skirt salutes the summer by means of the most girly and refreshing style ever. Coming in pastel shades of pink and yellow, the lace skirt can be worn with plain tees or peasant tops for amplified glamour.

15). Sheer Maxi Skirts.

H&M recently released a sheer maxi green skirt that instantly stole the hearts of the fashion world. I know this because by the time I went looking for it it was completely sold out. But no matter, I can still enjoy it on many a fashion person, both on the internet and in real life. This is the cutest of maxi skirt outfits to copy because it can be worn with jeans! Queening much?

Which maxi skirt outfit is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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