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5 Cute Makeup Looks For Post Exam Nights Out

5 Cute Makeup Looks For Post Exam Nights Out

What is the perfect way to motivate yourself through the oh so tough exam season? Thinking about the makeup looks you'll sport at the parties!

At this point in my exam diet, the only thing getting me through is the thought of a big post exams night out. The oh so reliable post exam party invitations are starting to flood in, and as always I’m left with the inevitable question, of what makeup look will I choose for each event. Of course, this is a much more critical and interesting subject than what my exams are going to be on, but the perfect makeup look and outfit are as important a part of the uni experience, as the finals you sit at the end of each year. So here are five cute makeup looks, perfect for a post exam night out.

1. Neon

How do you bring a bit of brightness into your life after the dull, dreary, soul sucking experience of the May exam diet? Neon, neon, neon. Neon has been everywhere this season, from the catwalk to celebrities like Hailey Bieber, it’s arguably the seasons brightest, (excuse the pun), and boldest trend. It’s great for a night out where you are going all out, and where you have a little more time to spend on your make up. Bright, bold and adventurous, this is a great makeup look to end the university year with a bang.

5 Cute Makeup Looks For Post Exam Nights Out


2. Natural Glow

For a makeup look that is slightly more subtle, but equally as fun and flattering, I tend to opt for a natural glow. Think dewy foundation, glossy eyeshadow, big full lips, and of course, lashings of shimmering highlight, a natural glow is perfect for all types of events, from a glamorous cocktail evening with the girls, to a chilled party or a big night out on the town, this makeup look will never look dated, or out of place, and is perfect for the times, when simplicity is key.

3. Bold Lip

A bold lip is classic. We’ve seen the bold lip make up look on beauty icons from Kendall Jenner, to Marilyn Monroe. It is equal parts effortless and gorgeous, while also being simple and low maintenance. A bold lip will see you through a long night, particularly if you use a matte liquid lipstick, you can get ready and go, without a seconds thought, looking chic in a glamorous, but effortless way. This makeup look is a classic, and for very good reasons.


4. No-Makeup Makeup

Now, no-makeup makeup is my every day go to and very often, my favourite look for a night out. It’s subtle, it’s easy and flattering, and you don’t leave the night with your pores feeling clogged. Go with a strong eyebrow gel, light lashings of mascara, a good primer and creamy concealer for the perfect no-makeup makeup look, great for a low maintenance night out with your girlfriends.

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5 Cute Makeup Looks For Post Exam Nights Out


5. Autumnal Tones

Now, I love a makeup look which features autumnal tones. From a purple lip to a dark eyeshadow, Autumnal Tones are a gorgeous makeup look, it is fully bad bitch and incredibly flattering, it’ll turn heads and is totally Instagrammable. Of course, Urban Decay’s Naked Heat Palette is the perfect makeup product to use for creating this look, as well as a good liquid lipstick, my favourite colours tend to be a very dark purple, but a darker red, or lighter purple also work incredibly well.  This makeup look is timeless, it’s great all year round and always looks stunning.

What are your favourite cute makeup looks for a post exam night out? Do you have any favourites that weren’t listed here? Let us know in the comments!

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