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10 Cute And Cheap Luggage Tags From Amazon And Etsy

10 Cute And Cheap Luggage Tags From Amazon And Etsy

If you need a luggage tag for your upcoming trip or holiday, these are cute and cheap luggage tags you can get on Amazon and Etsy!

Packing your suitcase for some well-deserved R+R (rest and recuperation) time away can be both a stressful yet exciting part of holidays. But are you ruining your stress-free vacation by worrying about losing your luggage? Then make sure your luggage never loses its way by customising your bag with these cute and affordable luggage tags to help yours stand out among the crowd!

1. Fancy something sweet and sugary?

Have you got a sweet tooth? Then this Love Heart themed luggage tag will definitely give you a sugar rush! Handcrafted by theeclecticcloset in Canada, if this design doesn’t satisfy you there are many others for you to choose from!


2. Are you more of a dog person?

Do you turn into mush every time you see a dog in public? Well now you can have your very own wide-eyed pug travelling with you whenever you go on holiday with this charming pug PVC luggage tag. Another bonus, you won’t have to worry about the mess this pug-per will make!

3. Looking for a rebellious travel partner?

Looking for a cute cartoon character with a bit of an attitude? Then these charming yet rebellious travel tags from Etsy are your luggage’s new BFFs. Made from synthetic leather, these tags are available in four adorable designs to choose from, so give your bag its dream gal pal!



4. Want something a bit more vintage looking?

If you are a fan of all things unique and antique (see what I did there?) then this Sass Belle Vintage World luggage tag from Amazon would be a must have in your collection. If it’s ‘Time for you to go… Explore, Discover and Dream’ then this tag will definitely add some fun into your travels!


5. Just looking for a mini me? (Or a mini you?)

As it says in the product description, these delightful looking luggage tags are all ‘handmade with love’ and shipped worldwide from the Philippines! Created by KeenaPrints, these tags are laminated so whether you’re living the life in the sunny Bahamas or enduring blisteringly cold nights in Russia, then don’t you worry as your travel buddy is nice and protected.

Keenachi Luggage Tag - Etsy


6. Is your idea of pretty a tad bit different from others?

Want to send a clear message that your property is YOUR property? Then don’t fret as this brightly coloured luggage tag will show people that they should not be touching what isn’t theirs. Choose from various designs with different phrases such as ‘Sorry, it’s mine!’ or ‘Not your bag!’ and is available on Amazon with free delivery!



7. Are you a major feline fan?

Looking for the purrfect luggage tag? Then this handcrafted item from Etsy is a wonderful way to keep your personal items safe this holiday season. For a personal touch, add your name or whatever you fancy for no extra cost with an option to have a black or white coloured strap. Interested? Then get yours meow!



8. Fancy unleashing your inner child?

If you are just a big kid inside and also an animal lover then these cute and colourful silicone tags are great to take along for the ride! Choose from six adorable animal designs; a panda, duck, frog, owl, penguin and a lion in bright vibrant colours to make your luggage easier to spot!



9. Are you a fan of all things Korean?

If you listen to K-Pop (Korean Pop), have a collection of Korean beauty products as well as Korean Fashion then you may be familiar with this funky cartoon character, Hello Ryan! Hello Ryan is an energetic bear which can be used on the popular Korean messaging app Kakao. Choose from three different designs and bring this cool bear with you wherever you go!



10. Have you always wanted a pet fox?

Cats, dogs and other domesticated animals are cool and all, but come on, having a pet fox would be incredible! I know, having a pet fox would never become a reality but a cute fox luggage tag would be a great substitute at least! Rusty the fox is a cute sleeping fox designed to make your belongings stand out and stop any confusions. For just under a fiver, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t adopt this adorable creature!


10 Cute And Cheap Luggage Tags From Amazon And EtsyWhich one of these luggage tags is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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