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10 Cute Best Friend Tattoo Ideas You And Your BFF Need

10 Cute Best Friend Tattoo Ideas You And Your BFF Need

These pictures of cute best friend tattoo ideas are everything you and your BFF need to do. From matching, small, symbol, funny, and more - you'll want to get one of these tats ASAP.

Tattoos are not always meaningless art but they actually carry a story. Tattoos quite often have special meanings that remind us of precious moments with loved ones or a passion of ours that we always want to carry around with us because it speaks out ‘you’. Quite often special tattoos we do them with our best friends. So instead of getting a meaningless scribble on your body FOR EVER, here is some inspiration on cute best friend tattoo ideas for you and your bestie.

1. Birds.

If you’re living far from each other and only get together on a holidays and see each other through Snapchat, then this could be a cute and meaningful tattoo for both of you. Long distance relationships are never easy, but this tattoo will always remind you that even if you’re going through a hard time, there’s always a person who you can count on. This is one of the cutest best friend tattoo ideas!

2. Hand gesture.

This tattoo is one of those minimalistic yet small and cool tattoos you and your bestie can have. It’s a great way to show that you’re adventurous and don’t stick to cliches.


3. Heart tattoo.

A classic heart tattoo. This can be anywhere, filled in or not, and in any size. Ribs, collarbone, inside of your elbow, wrist, you name it. I would suggest to keep it small, cute and minimalistic if it’s your first time having a tattoo.

4. Anchor.

An anchor means that we want to stay grounded, humble or it can symbolise home. In this case, if you and your BFF have an anchor as a matching tattoo then it could symbolise that you’re each others’ home, anchor, it’s where each of you turn when you’re going through a hard time or need support.

5. Arrows.

You don’t have to do the same arrows as in this picture for a tattoo. But the idea is that you and your best friend have either two crossed arrows or one arrow each. This will symbolise that you crossed paths at the right time, and that fate has big plans for your friendship. If the arrows never met, if the arrows went on a different direction then you would have never met such a special person in your life. It generally symbolises your strong friendship.


6. A themed tattoo.

If you’re Harry Potter fans, or Star Wars fans or even Winnie the Pooh fans then you could get a tattoo that reminds you of what you both love and of course each other!

7. (Paper) Airplanes.

This is similar to the first tattoo with the birds. It symbolises the fact that you both live far apart but always come back to base, back together. A few ideas is to make the dots form a heart or change the paper airplanes to small filled-in airplanes.

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8. A quote.

This is one of a few quotes that I find are not too cheesy, are meaningful and not everyone has them. Even if it’s popular though, it’s cute because it means that you love each other so much you’ll always be together even if apart. The idea here is to both choose a quote that you believe in and tattoo half of it and the other half your best friend.

9. A minimalistic design.

You can always consult with your tattoo artist in case he can design a small special tattoo for both of you. You can tattoo it on the same part of your body if you want as well. Otherwise, do a thorough research on several tattoo ideas that you both agree on, because tattoos are for life!

10. A crown.

This design could be small enough to fit on your finger or you can tattoo it on your ribs, or ankle. Anywhere really as it a simple design. You are each other’s queen, we quite often say ‘Yaaaaass queen!’ to compliment -no? is it just me then?! – so it’s not a random tattoo. This is one of the cutest best friend tattoo ideas!


What do you think of these best friend tattoo ideas? Is it something you and your BFF would do? Let us know in the comments below!

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