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10 Cute Bathing Suits Inspired By Your Favourite Celebs

10 Cute Bathing Suits Inspired By Your Favourite Celebs

Don't know what bathing suit you should get? Get some inspiration from your favourite celebrities and their super cute bathing suits!

Every season we’re on the hunt for cute bathing suits that we feel comfortable in and fit our body shape like a glove. As fashion trends continuously change, the idea of what makes cute bathing suits vary each summer. It is hard to keep up with the overwhelming amount of choice, but social media accounts of our favorite celebrities make the selection easier and more fun. 

Celebrities take their best garments to Instagram where we get to see them experiment with colors, shapes, and styles that we would otherwise not even think about. Inspired by some of the biggest influencers, here are ten cute bathing suits we want you to try out for this season. 

1. Selena Gomez In White Bright Bikini

Back in February, Selena took her best friends on a Bachelorette party, where they showed off white cute bathing suits to honor their friend getting married.  Even though Selena has been off the radar when it comes to her social media presence, she shares some pics from this occasion where a white bikini is just what you need. 


For your next Bachelorette party, pull off Selena with matching white cute bathing suits that will give you girl gang vibes. You can get a similar one on L*Space.  

2. Jasmine Tookes In Leopard Print 

Any time this Victoria’s Secret bombshell puts a bikini on, no matter the style and pattern, it shows off her fire figure. This particular cute bathing suit was one of Jasmine’s outfit on her holiday in Jamaica. A little leopard print bikini that will make you feel like you are the one with the jungle. 

Leopard print is back in style and HARD. Don’t hesitate to try on this ASOS piece. 


3. Emily Ratajkowski In A Red Wrap Around 

There is probably no other who does a bikini shot, especially the cheeky ones, then the model Emily Ratajkowski who is taking the Instagram and fashion world by storm. This cute bathing suit is more on the sexy side. It is from Emily’s own women’s brand ‘Inamorata.’ 

It comes in different colors, but the red one is particularly sensual, you can choose other colors on the Inamorata website. 

4. Ashley Graham In Swuimsuit For All 

The supermodel and body activist Ashley Graham is doing all the women, of all sizes and shapes right with ‘Swimsuit For All.’ The styles will hug your body just the right way. ‘Swimsuit For All’ has two-piece bathing suits, and also some sexy one-piece that Ashley is rocking below. 


5. Halsey In Plunging White Bikini 

The ‘Without Me’ singer/songwriter Halsey has many Instagram posts in cute bathing suits that either tell a story or display her gorgeous tattooed body that glows for days. 

After ‘revenge’ pictures that Internet claimed are to show G-Eazy what he is missing out on, Halsey does not shy away from an excellent cheeky bikini pose. This one is simple, white piece, but worth a thousand words. 

6. Elsa Hosk In A Long Sleeve Cropped Bikini

Another beauty from the Victoria’s Secret Angels that rocks the lingerie runway as well as cute bathing suits on the beach is Elsa Hosk. Elsa wore the Fantasy Bra at the 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion show, and it was about time. 

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Her swimwear campaign for ‘Solid And Stripped’ includes a long-sleeve cropped bikini that highlights Elsa’s slim waist and a butt to die for. On her Instagram post, she is vibing in the orange version, but they do a white bikini in the same style as well. 

7. Jordan Dunn In Colorful Pattern Bikini

This colorful bikini is one of the more experimental pieces in this list. Jordan Dunn is selling it better than anyone would. The unusual ‘B FYNE’ pattern compliments Jordan’s exotic physique. 


Jordan’s shot from the Dominican Republic features a two-piece, with high-waisted cheeky bottoms, a top and a long-sleeve that makes the whole bathing suit that more tropical. This ‘B FYNE’ collection is perfect for tropical destinations.

8. Kylie Jenner In Strapless Green Neon

Kylie Jenner is destined to look stunning in any bathing suit, but with this strapless green neon two-piece, she made a statement and a future 2019 summer trend. During her January getaway with her (now ex) best friend Jordyn Woods and her daughter Stormi, they matched with green neon bathing suits. 

9. Negin Mirsalehi In An Off-Shoulder Two Piece

The Dutch blogger Instagram influencer Negin Mirsalehi is famous for her fashion sense, and this is the definition of a cute bathing suit. On her Tokyo trip with Revolve, Negin mix matched two bathing suits from ‘House of Harlow.’ A brown off-shoulder top and a simple white bottom created the perfect bikini for a picture at a luxurious spa. 


10. Kim Kardashian-West In A Tiny Silver Bikini 

A list of cute bathing suits could not be complete without mentioning Kim Kardashian-West. The countless hours she spends in the gym are evident in her piercing abs. On a Miami trip with her friend Larsa, Kim comes out in a tiny silver metallic bikini that also is set out to be a 2019 summer trend. 

Which one of these cute bathing suits would you like to wear on your next vacation? Tell us in the comments. 
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