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12 Cute Bath Products That Are Totally Insta Worthy

12 Cute Bath Products That Are Totally Insta Worthy

Here are a bunch of cute bath products that we love! Use them during your down time to feel super fresh, they all smell so good!

Most of the fun of taking a bath is being able to use cute path products that transform your bathwater into a luxurious experience. As bath products have become more popular, the market for it has become larger. A big reason to why we pick the bath products we buy are largely because of aesthetics, so here are 12 totally cute bath bombs that are into-worthy enough to brighten up your page.

1. Lush Think Pink Bath Bomb

This beautiful bath bomb from Lush dedicated to the colour pink. Popping this beauty into your bathwater ensures that everything turns the most gorgeous shade of pink and glitter. With softening cornflour that will bring you smooth and lovely skin, the vanilla and tonka scent transforms your bath experience into a luxurious and relaxing experience. Watch the ribbons of pink, fuchsia, and glitter unfold in the water on your Instagram for that into-worthy shot.


2. Lovegood Bath Potions Harry Potter House Crest Bubble Bar

Bubbles are essential to a great bath. This bubble bar from Lovegood Bath Potions is for those hardcore Potterheads out there. With one dedicated to each house, these handmade beautiful bath bubble bars are chock full of epsom salts, avocado oil, and glitter, that will not only wow your insta feed, it will also leave your skin feeling wonderfully soft and hydrated. Pick the house you belong to and enjoy a bath with a bubble bar made for your personality. A super cute option for cute bath products if you’re a huge Harry Potter fan!

3. Lush Sunnyside Bubble Bar

Get your golden glow on with this beautiful bubble bar from Lush dusted with luscious gold glitter. This bubble bar promises rich foamy bubbles does the work of uplifting your mood by turning your bathwater a bright gold colour and some glorious shimmer. With a blend of lemon, sweet wild orange, and tangerine oils, your spirits will be lifted by a simple soak in bathwater with the Sunnyside bubble bar. The beautiful gold glitter packed into this bubble bar will totally make your bath Insta worthy.


4. Finders Creepers Pineapple Soul Bath Bomb

The beautiful and creepy bath products sold at Finders Creepers are intricate and definitely Insta worthy. This Pineapple Soul bath bomb is no different. With bright and tropical scents and colours, this fizzing bath bomb will also add glitter and shimmer to your boring old bathwater.

5. Lush Metamorphosis Bath Bomb

This seemingly boring looking grey bath bomb looks boring at first sight but definitely promises to be Insta worthy. although this bath bomb starts off grey, the darkness ebbs and transforms into bursts of bright orange, pink, yellow, and green. Break into the new day with this metaphorical journey of this metamorphosing bath bomb. With black pepper oil, cinnamon leaf oil, and myrrh resinoid, this bath bomb is sure to leave you in a tranquil state.

6. Finders Creepers Fancy Dead B*tch Bath Bomb

This is where fancy meets gory to produce the most perfect bath bomb that belongs on Instagram. This hot pink bath Abomb in the shape of a coffin will turn your bathwater a vibrant hot pink shade and bring a sweet raspberry and lemonade scent to your experience. Another option for cute bath products, that are a little edgy!


7. Lush Fun For All The Family Bubble Bar

Fidget spinners are all the rage, so why not bring this addictive toy to your bathtub? Lush’s Fun For All The Family bubble bar is a working fidget spinner at the same time. The beautiful blue hue and silver glitter accompanying the already amazing shape of this bath product is sure to bring some pizzazz and sparkle to your bathwater. With a refreshing lime, sweet orange, and olibanum scent, this one is sure to bring you some fun.

8. The Bathology Shoppe Under The Sea Bubble Bar Scoop

This beautiful geode like bubble bar is gorgeous and definitely Insta worthy. On top of that, it has the most delicious blend of scents that will leave you smelling like a snack after your bath. The lemon, orange, pineapple, lime, caramel, buttercream, coconut milk, vanilla bean, and musk blend is completely sweet and fresh. A great option for yummy, cute bath products!

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9. The Bathology Shoppe Dusty Rose Bath Cake

This bath cake combines the best of both bath products: Bath bombs and bubble bars. The beautiful design of this slice of cake is twofold. The base is a bath bomb that fizzes away in bathwater, while the piped flower icing are bubble bars that should be crumbled under running water to make luscious bubbles. This beautiful bath cake combines the bath bombs and bubble bars to create the most fantastic bath experience, and is absolutely Insta worthy.

10. Nature’s Whimsey Lunar Mystic Moon Galaxy Bath Bubble Bar

This bubble bar is a work of art. The black base and is painted with the most beautiful delicate scene of a mystic full moon with silver and white details. Even if you aren’t taking a bath, a snap of this bubble bath on your Insta is definitely enough for it to wow. The honeysuckle scent will add bubbles and sweetness to your bathwater, and some sparkle to your feed.

11. Lush Creamy Candy Bubble Bar

Who wouldn’t want to reach for a bubble bar that looks just like a bar of candy? Bring your sweet tooth into your bath as well for a sweet treat for your skin. The beautiful vivid pink colour, and candy floss scent will give you the dreamiest sweetness in your bathwater. For a bath full of lightly pink and candy floss scented water, and some outrageously soft and fluffy bubbles for your Insta, this bubble bar is the one. A super great option when searching for cute bath products!


12. The Bathology Shoppe Sweet Cherry Pie Bath Bomb

For another sweet treat in the bath, this bath bomb that looks just like a cherry pie is the one for you. For that insta worthy bath product shot, just snap a video of dropping this gorgeous bath bomb into your tub. If Instagram could record scents, this dreamy concoction of cherries and almonds is sure to mesmerise all those who see it on your feed. The gorgeous little heart details on top of the scalloped pie edge is absolutely the cherry on top.

So there you have it! Some super cute bath products that we love! Which ones are your favourites? Let us know in the comments below!

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