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9 Curly Afro Hairstyles to Snatch Everyone’s Wig

9 Curly Afro Hairstyles to Snatch Everyone’s Wig

Do you have no idea how to style your curly hair? Check out these curly afro hairstyles that are super cute and easy to do!

Having afro hair can be extremely challenging and high maintenance a lot of the time but one of the many benefits is the level of versatility that it has. Here are some curly afro hairstyles that will definitely have you snatching people’s edges.

1. Afro

Being a staple of all things black magic, the afro is not only magical in that it defies gravity, it is straight up beautiful. Achieving the perfect afro however is much less of a beautiful process, however grab your afro picks, your hairbands and fluff your hair till your afro shines in all of its black excellence. This is one of the classic curly afro hairstyles!

2. Pineapple Bun

If you’re starting your hair journey from scratch (a shaved head), it’s always a magical moment when you can finally put your hair in a high bun aka the pineapple bun. This bun shouldn’t be discredited as basic as not only is it a multifaceted look that works for any scene/ situation, but it is perhaps the least difficult to pull off, being a nice last minute style to pull off, if ever you need to look cute in a rush.


3. Twin Puffs

Twin puffs, Afro space buns whatever you want to call them, one thing that is for sure certain is that this hairstyle is beyond cute. These double puffs give you a youthful innocence which adds the cuteness level up a notch to any and all looks. There are also variations of this such as a cornrowed twin puff which gives the already a cute style a heighten and more stylish look.

4. Fro-hawk

This look like many of the others is a true testament to demonstrate the extreme level of versatility that afro hair possesses. This look is the perfect all-purpose hairstyle that can make you go from edgy and hardcore to chic and sophisticated with a modern flare. This is one of the most unique curly afro hairstyles!

5. Bantu Knots

This look is the ultimate grunge-esque look that gives you that edgier more street style. Bantu knots are only becoming more popular for their very avant-garde look, but they also double up as a great protective style to keep your hair moisturised and protected-It’s a win-win!


6. Afro Bangs

Something which can be quite a strenuous effort and a cause for anxiety given that afro hair is notorious for not being able to lay flat without the use of edge control and gel- albeit some of us know even that doesn’t work, not to mention no one wants to walk around with flat gelled hair on their forehead. However, a good twist out of that front section of hair can give you a style that is quirky in all the right ways, being played as both cute, modern and classy.

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7. Accessories

Accessories were, are and shall forever be your saviour during that awkward hair phase- where your hair is kind of too long and unruly to just leave uncombed like you might do with shorter hair, but too short to put in a bun or do any real styles with, so you’re left with this combed out struggle fro, looking like a bush baby. Never fear that’s why accessories are so fundamental to the hair game. A bandana, some bobby pins, ribbons, scarfs and headwraps are all some ways that you can stylish your scalp- not to mention that scarfs and headwraps are great as protecting your hair too.


8. Side Swoop

A side-swoop look is a sly way to showcase all of your hairs voluminous and luscious curls without compromising showing your face- in fact (dependent on your hair length, you get to only show the best side of your face, so you can live your Mariah Carey fantasy and be seen only on your left side. Also, the side swoop can allow you some creative liberty through the use of decorative bobby pins.

9. Twists

Once your hair is long enough for your twists to stop looking like stubby fuzzy cocktail sausages, these will practically be a staple look on your head. Twists are a versatile look all on their own, having many variations; From flat twists to give you a sleeker look and also help protect your hair by minimalizing manipulation, to perhaps just a head of twist, which can be pulled back into a bun, made into some space buns… twists are versatile. What’s better is, not only are twists a great protective style, but they also give you the blessing known as the ‘Twist Out’ which gives your untwisted hair the curl definition it deserves. So basically, twists are really two styles in one.

Will you try out these curly afro hairstyles? Let us know in the comments below!

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