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15 Trendy And Cute Cruise Fashion Outfits For Your Next Getaway

15 Trendy And Cute Cruise Fashion Outfits For Your Next Getaway

Going on a cruise this summer? Oh, you lucky human you! Whether you’re channelling Gwyneth Paltrow vibes from the ‘Talented Mr. Ripley’ or Sandra Dee’s Italian Riviera look from ‘Come September’ this is the article for you. Careful, this could get glamourous. Here are 15 trendy and cute cruise fashion outfits for your next getaway!

1. Ruffle some feathers.

Keep up to date with this seasons best trend and add some ruffles to your outfit. If you happen to be feeling particularly bold, be sure to wear your ruffles in the brightest colour you can find on the high street; summer reds, yellows and blues. Never mind the tourist attractions, you’ll be the number one sight to see on this cruise. All this outfit needs is simple accessories and you’re good to go.



2. Gingham feels.

This summer absolutely no cruise or holiday would be complete without picnic blanket tones via a spot of gingham. Be the hottest fish in the sea and make a statement with a full length gingham skirt or trousers. And for added cruising altitude? Style your gingham with some heeled sandals.


3. Cami-soul.

Oh the trusty glamour of a satin cami. This trend meets the three C’s: cool, comfortable and chic. When it comes to style versus comfort, there is nothing better than finding a top that offers you both. The camisole is a complete necessity when it comes to holiday packing. I’m ready to sail the high seas, are you?



4. The tailored dress.

A Riviera classic if there ever was one. A particular summer favourite is a loose cotton dress. This dress is ideal for warmer weather and pairs exquisitely with a light cardigan should the weather become cooler. Falling gracefully to the knee, the tailored cotton dress is ideal for a seaside cruise or the city. To sail or not to sail?



5. Old Friends.

If you’re the kind of person to stick to your staple wardrobe even on holiday, have no fear. This article has your cruise holiday outfit covered too. Good old jeans and a jacket are totally underrated when it comes to holidays. They are essential to have whatever the weather. Even better, they’ll blend seamlessly with whatever summer items you have packed. There is no top jeans can’t be worn with and a jacket is the perfect finishing touch for outfits with a skirt. Win win in my book.

6. You are my sunshine.

Outshine the sun on your cruise this summer with an outfit you simply must copy. Equal parts fun and flirtatious, you’ll be the life of the party in a block coloured dress. Frills or no frills, pattern or no pattern, there is no seaside mission that cannot be achieved in such a sweet dress. Being the iconic fashion piece that it is, carrying a colourful dress on your travels means you can definitely pack lighter for carrying it.



7. Bottoms up.

Take on the Seven Seas in eye popping palazzo pants. Masculine dressing has undergone the greatest renaissance to date. You can adapt your trousers to your location and pair it with a bralette and purse bag. Crew members, feast your eyes.


8. Skirt the issue.

With a linen skirt that is. The lightest most breathable fabric on the earth or sea. Crisp and white to keep you both cool and chic.



9. Star crossed lovers.

Meet the bralette and maxi skirt. The Romeo and Juliet of the summer season-minus the tragic ending ofc. It’ll be the beginning of a wonderful fashion journey as mixing and matching outfits will give you endless possibilities. Black and white are a tale as old as time and there are definitely over fifty shades to explore.



10. Regal regalia.

A mer-mazing cruise lies ahead with a skirt that looks startlingly like a mermaid’s tail. But this fashion hit is far from a work of fiction. Luckily, full length pleated maxi skirts can be found at all your favourite high street retailers.

11. Court me.

As you might be able to tell by now, I am a great lover of tailored vintage pieces. There is not one outfit that wont be complemented by a classy court shoe. And while I know the thought of wearing heels, even a small one, strikes fear in even the strongest of ankles, your particular cruise holiday means you won’t really be running anywhere (except to the dessert table). Park up on a deck chair and show those babies off!

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12. Gon-dola, baby gone.

At it again with the masculine dressing. Except this time it’s minus the modern twist. Finish a pair of chino trousers with a gentleman’s straw boater from the 1920’s when the hat was en masse at social events like the Henley Regatta. Contrast this with delicate feminine touches such as an off the shoulder top or a choker. Cruise complete!



13. For dramatic effect.

If you’re not a fan of the cinched waist, be prepared to be converted. The biggest myth of a dress, which gathers at the waist, is the issue of comfort. All of the details of the dress are on the outside, so if you’re thinking, will I be comfortable sitting in a dress like this? Yes, yes you will. Since the only part you’ll have to deal with will be the elastic band, you will actually be really comfortable. Who said comfort and style can’t be besties?



14. Stars and stripes… or just stripes.

Someone once told me they think stripes are overrated. Prepare to prove the cynical wrong by pairing two stripy pieces together. They do say who dares wins.


15. My monochromatic friend.

Ebony and Ivory go together in perfect harmony. No matter what sector of life it is, a good base is always an excellent beginner’s choice. A black and white outfit is just one prime example of this. And you need never worry about a fashion mismatch while on your cruise with a black and white palette because this is one instance in which, everything will match effortlessly.

What is your favourite cruise fashion outfit!? Share in the comments below!

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