Cruelty Free Beauty: Why You Need To Switch Today

If you’re a big lover of beauty and animals, cruelty free beauty is definitely something you want to jump on to but if you haven’t heard of the term before, it’s never too late to know now if you want to be more conscious about what you’re buying today. Especially if you’re someone who’s already abiding by veganism, it’ll be interesting for you to find out what cruelty free is if you haven’t heard the term before. If you’ve noticed the little bunny symbols on your products before and just smiled to yourself that, “wow that’s nice that it’s cruelty free” without understanding what it means, then this article is perfect for you.

Cruelty Free Vs. Vegan

Although they sound like they would mean the same thing, the terms “Cruelty free” beauty and “vegan” remain different in a number of ways. Vegan beauty may refer to make up and skincare products that don’t contain animal products or byproducts (which are surprisingly in a lot of products!) but this form of beauty is almost an entirely different story. By approving something as cruelty free, it means that the brand itself is not testing on animals in any process of production. This can mean in the process of choosing it’s ingredients, making it’s ingredients, and the testing of the final product. These products require strict certification that can’t just be faked by brands. In some cases, brands can be either be vegan only or just cruelty free, or both cruelty free and vegan at the same time! For that reason, it is important to understand what cruelty free refers to in order to find these signs.

Animals & Beauty

As beautiful as all the make up and skincare look on the shelves, there are high hidden costs involved that go easily unseen in your day to day life. Especially when you think about how much you are consuming every year, it is important to understand what kind of impact the products you are buying have on the world. Animal testing doesn’t only refer to the abuse and mistreatment of rabbits being tested in laboratories but also on a number of other animals that results in them being put down by the end of it. There is so much animal testing going on that there are farms that exist purely to breed animals to be tested on. If you’re a big animal lover, this is definitely something to become conscious of.

Verifying Cruelty Free Brands

There are a number of certifications around that ensure that brands follow proper standards to be cruelty free. The easiest one to recognise has to be the leaping bunny symbol. PETA also has a similar approval on their part under the “Beauty Without Bunnies” logo that you may sometimes see on your products. Even though some brands may claim that their product is cruelty free, without this approval, it could also mean that animals were tested while in the ingredients stage of production or that this is the only product in their range that is cruelty free while everything else is still tested on animals. Search for the bunny approval on your products to see if they are cruelty free and make the switch today. The more people that make the switch to these products shows the demand for more brands to make the switch themselves. It’s 2019! Brands shouldn’t have to test on animals to make sure they have great products! They are plenty of great brands on the market that are well loved alongside being cruelty free.

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Where To Find Out More

If you’re interested in finding out which brands are cruelty free, vegan, or so on, you can have a look at the PETA cruelty free brands approval list or a website called “Cruelty Free Kitty”. Cruelty Free Kitty updates their website often with any news of brands switching to cruelty free beauty or switching out. Unfortunately the list may sometimes change in that way and it’s important to stay away of what’s happening in the beauty industry.

How do you feel now that you know what cruelty free beauty is? Will you be making the switch today? Let me know your thoughts!

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