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12 Creative Stag Party Ideas For A Night Like No Other

12 Creative Stag Party Ideas For A Night Like No Other

These are some stag party ideas that you will absolutly love! These ideas are creative and will be able to liven up any event!

You’re the best man and with a great power comes a great responsibility, in your case, you are in charge of a pack of lads and a groom for a night. After accepting this honour, you need to start planning an epic night to be talked about in years to come. Don’t panic! We’ve already talked about the best games for stag parties and now is time to give you inspiration for how you want the actual party to be like. So take notes from this ideas for a night like no other.

1) Set A Theme

Give the epic night a creative touch by choosing a memorable theme. Superheroes, football or Italian food, whatever prompts your mates to dress out and get wild.

2) Print Out Some Memorable T-shirts

It’s a night that shouldn’t be forgotten, so why not design some whack t-shirts for the squad? You can all wear them during that night and feel like a true pack. And the best part? It’s a souvenir that will stay with you for a long time.


3) Have A Football Match

You don’t have to be surrounded by an overly athletic crowd, passion for the game and a competitive spirit is enough. Just choose a location and divide your mates into teams, then, reward the winning teams before going for largers.

4) You’re Never Too Old For  Paintball

The perfect warm-up for the stag night, paintball is a classic and is not hard to guess why. Every bloke has a child at heart and paintball provides the perfect opportunity to go wild outdoors.

5) Make It A Pub Golf Night

The perfect chance to get your mates dressing fancy and enjoying some cold ones. You don’t have to be a golf expert or enjoy the game to play. Basically, you pick nine or eighteen pubs, have a drink in each and see how quickly you can down it.


6) Test Your Team Skills In A Escape Room

Escape rooms are pretty fun and can give the toughest of your mates a good fright, and the best of all, they’re everywhere. Work with your pals to solve puzzles and break free before time’s up.

7) Have A Laugh At A Comedy Night

Take the groom to see his favourite comedian and he will love you forever. Get the drinks flowing, have a bite to eat and laugh a whole lot at the comedy club.

8) Experience Beauty And Dance At The Cabaret

The refined alternative to the strip club. Cabarets are a perfect combination of comedy, dance and sexiness. You can laugh along with a comedian, sing along with the tribute band or even enjoy a delicious buffet.

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9) Have A Sci-Fi Lazer Tag Quest

Basically the fancy and non-painful version of paintball. What a better way than starting an epic night than by zapping your opponents and indulging yourself in an interactive adventure.

10) Your Classical Pub Crawl

The point of Stag night outs is to drink, so there’s no point in omitting this long-awaited part. You can always give it a playful twist by dressing up, having a theme or, if you are looking for dread, moving from pubs to pubs by cycling.


11) Swap The Bar for The Club

A more wild and dangerous route, but that’s what stags are made up for. Jump from club to club, while losing mates and still enjoying some glorious alcohol.

12) Ping Pong Bar

Ping Pong Bars are a thing, believe it or not. Do a quick Google search and locate your nearest venue. If there isn’t any, turn your own premises in a Ping-Pong bar and have your mates high on adrenaline.

Can you think of any other stag party ideas? Tell us in the comments below!

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