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Sick Of Your Everyday Meal? Try Out These Creative Food Recipes

Sick Of Your Everyday Meal? Try Out These Creative Food Recipes

If you are looking for ways to liven up your everyday meals, check out these creative food recipes that are totally delicious!

While cooking for yourself can be a great for your budget and your health and can even be a fun past time, sometimes recipes can get boring and repetitive. If you find yourself constantly having the same thing to eat every single day, we’re here to help you out. If you’re sick of your everyday meal, why not try out some of these creative food recipes? You’ll never have a boring meal again.

1. Onigirazu

Otherwise known as sushi sandwiches, these colourful wraps can be filled with anything you want and are highly nutritious. Plus, because they’re sandwiches rather than rolls, you won’t need any fancy equipment and can have these done in a pinch.

2. Taco Stuffed Avocados

Everybody loves Tex-Mex flavours, but tacos aren’t exactly the healthiest thing to eat everyday. With this recipe you can still enjoy all the delicious flavours of tacos — meat, cheese, peppers, — but by serving them in avocados you cut out tons of the calories.


3. One Pan Cheesy Chicken, Broccoli and Rice

If you’re feeling lazy, one-pan recipes are a great way to cook big portions that you can eat for three or more meals. This recipe actually includes a pretty balanced range of ingredients. With the addition of tons of cheese, you’ll have an easy, creative dinner that feels super indulgent.

4. Peanut Noodles with Sesame Halloumi

This dish is an absolute explosion of flavours, from the sweet, creamy peanut butter used in the sauce to the salty, tangy notes of soy sauce and halloumi. This is a unique, filling dish, and you won’t believe that it comes together in just 20 minutes!

5. Zucchini Fritters

Not all meals have to be super big and time consuming. This recipe is pretty creative for taking advantage of fresh vegetables and turning them into a dish perfect for a small meal or snack. The best part is it’s also suitable for vegetarians!

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6. Melted Leeks and Ricotta Tartine

For a creative meal with delicate flavours, opt for this leek and ricotta tartine. It’s just filling enough to keep you running throughout the day, but can also be super easy to put together when you simply don’t have enough time. It’s also pretty easy to substitute out ingredients for endless tartine combinations.

7. Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Here’s a super healthy meal that is easy to put together yet never boring. The most you’ll need to prepare for this recipe is chopped vegetables. If you’re really in a rush, you can even just use store-bought peanut dipping sauce! This is definitely one of the best creative food recipes!


Which of these creative food recipes will you try for your next meal? Let us know in the comments!

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