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10 Crazy Things You Have Definitely Done With Your BFFs

10 Crazy Things You Have Definitely Done With Your BFFs

10 Crazy Things You Have Definitely Done With Your BFFs

Be it guys or girls we all have our BFFs who we love to hang out with and try out new adventurous stuff or maybe just do some crazy things which we would probably never think of doing as we grew older. My BBFs and I were the crazy lots and now looking back at it, we have such fond memories of every silly, crazy stuff that we did. Here are our 10 crazy things you have definitely done with your BFFs.

1. Crash a Wedding

This is top on my list and most of us who have lived in a hostel will know why. Living a student life in a hostel it is not always feasible to have meals in fancy restaurants and hence gate crashing a wedding seemed a perfectly simple option. Who would not get bored and fed up eating the same boring, dull food in the hostel canteen, hence the idea of crashing always seemed tempting because not only do you get yummy, tasty food but also in abundance and there is some kinda thrill in doing these crazy things.

2. Spontaneous Road Trips

Road trips with your BFFs are the best kinda trips. You do not know which is your final destination, nothing to worry about, can travel and see new places, try different cuisines, go clubbing, and have a ball of a time. My BFFs and I had quite a few of those and truely those are the trips we will remember forever.


3. Doing Something Adventurous

This could be anything from climbing a hill or mountain to scuba diving or even sky diving. We just loved the water rides and though for most of these rides you do require to know the basics in swimming, we still would do the rides for the fun of it, but obviously, there was a trained professional around in case anything went wrong.

4. Going On Shopping Sprees

Most of the girl gangs would agree that going on a random shopping spree is an exciting and crazy thing to do. Retail therapy with your gang is a stress buster and supremely relaxing and makes shopping so much easier rather than having to do it all alone. Well, it does not really have to only be shopping for clothes, even grocery shopping can be fun when you have your BFFs and I can tell you that from experience.

5. Going To Your Favorite Music Festivals

If just the thought of going to a music festival sounds fun then imagine actually going to one would be how much more enjoyable. I have been to quite a few with my BFFs and I do not think you can have that experience with anybody else. At most of the music festivals, things can go out of hand with all the drinking and rough crowd but if you have your BFFs with you, you can enjoy to the max as you know you will be looked after if anything need go wrong.


6. Playing A Prank On Your Group Member

We all like to pull a prank on our friends, cause firstly you know they will not put you in trouble and secondly it is always lovely to see their expression after the prank and you can tease them about it for the rest of their lives.

7. Follow Your Crush

So when I was in college I had this huge crush on my senior and would just love to have at least a glimpse of him during the day, so my BFFs would immediately text me if they would see or know where he is in the campus. Isn’t that just so adorable of them?

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8. Movie Marathon

Movies are always fun when you have a good crowd to watch them with. So one day we went for a movie to a multiplex turns out not many people like to watch movies during the week in the mornings. So taking advantage we watched 2 movies back to back and paid for just one.

9. Karaoke

Karaoke is fun when you have a decent voice that you mind other people hearing. But when you sound like a frog and have a super cool crowd in the place it is not such a good idea, trust me. Been there and done that so I would not recommend everyone doing it, it is crazy as hell.

10. Have A Signature Dance Move

We all like to have our cool and unique dance move amongst our friend circle. It just makes our friendship stronger and in sync. It is also more fun when we go dancing at clubs and parties.


Have you done any of these crazy things with your BFFs? Do let me know in the comments section below.

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