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10 Crafty Gift Ideas For Your BFF’s Birthday

10 Crafty Gift Ideas For Your BFF’s Birthday

Don't know what to get your BFF for her birthday? Check out these 10 unique crafty gift ideas for your BF's birthday - she'll love them!

Your best friend is your sister from another mister, your favourite human, and the person who you go to for everything. So when their birthday comes around, you want to get them a gift that shows them just how much you care about them. But instead of buying them a gift that holds little sentimental value, why not try out one (or three) of these 10 crafty gift ideas for your BFF’s birthday!

1. Knitted Scarf

The first of our crafty gift ideas probably requires the most effort, but your BFF will love the effort that you’ve put in for them. While knitting might not seem like the coolest thing to do on your spare Saturday night, it’s actually super relaxing and the end result will make you feel really productive. Plus, knitted scarves aren’t very hard to make once you get the hang of the stitches, so go ahead and pour love into every stitch! You don’t want your BFF to get chilly, do you??

10 Crafty Gift Ideas For Your BFF’s Birthday

2. Instagram Calendar

Everyone needs a calendar on their desk; sure, we all have one on our phones, but it feels good to flip through each month and physically write reminders down. Make your BFF a calendar using their best and your favourite Insta pics from each month. Use pictures of the two of you, your whole friend group, or just the pics you think they’d enjoy looking at the most each month.

10 Crafty Gift Ideas For Your BFF’s Birthday

3. Monogrammed Mug

If your BFF is a serial coffee/tea drinker, and you know for a fact that they have a favourite mug they use every morning, why not make them a mug they’ll love even more? Using colourful sharpies or stickers, monogram their initials on a plain mug, or draw a cute picture or design. Go an extra step further by filling the mug with their favourite chocolate or coffee pods or tea bags.

10 Crafty Gift Ideas For Your BFF’s Birthday

4. Engraved Necklace Pendant

Have a pendant you really want to give your bestie, but want to make it special for them? Why not engrave a cute message or quote on the pendant, something that you know your BFF will love. Put the pendant on a necklace chain, or a bracelet, and wrap it up in a cute silk drawstring bag. They’ll love wearing it out and about!

10 Crafty Gift Ideas For Your BFF’s Birthday

5. Soap

Making your own soap is a great crafty gift idea for your BFF if you know they often have trouble finding a soap that works for them. Make soap at home by using natural ingredients that you can find at your local grocery store or health food store. Use essential oils for fragrance, and gift it to your BFF because you care about their skin care needs. Friendship at its finest. Try this DIY soap tutorial to get you started.

10 Crafty Gift Ideas For Your BFF’s Birthday

6. Leather Book Cover

The next of our crafty gift ideas is perfect if your bestie is a bit of a book worm, and cares a lot about the condition of their books. Keep their current favourite book safe and sound by creating a leather book cover with a string attachment to keep it closed. Engrave a sweet message on the back, or their name in a sweeping font. This easy tutorial from the blog Dream A Little Bigger is the perfect place to begin!

10 Crafty Gift Ideas For Your BFF’s Birthday

7. BFF Frame

Pictures in frames is always a sweet, sentimental gift to give someone you care about. But why not tap into your creative side and go all out in making your frame the most memorable frame your BFF will ever receive. Print out your favourite picture (or couple of pictures) as a polaroid-shaped picture and put them in the frame. Decorate around the images with a cute saying made out of Scrabble pieces, or chunky glitter and patterned background. It’s a sweet snapshot that should represent your friendship.

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10 Crafty Gift Ideas For Your BFF’s Birthday

8. DIY Phone Case

If you know that your BFF is always on the lookout for a new phone case, or you know that she’s a bit clumsy with her phone, then as far as crafty gift ideas go, this is a fantastic idea she’ll love! Grab a translucent phone case and cover it in little stickers, photos and quotes that really represent her and will remind her of your awesome friendship. It is both sentimental and super cute!

10 Crafty Gift Ideas For Your BFF’s Birthday

9. Gift Basket

Can’t think of just one thing to get your bestie? Why not gift her with a box fill of gifts you know she loves, including things she needs and never remembers to buy for herself! Decorate a shoe box and fill it with tissue paper, then fill it right up with thoughtful little gifts and trinkets. It’s unexpected, and oh so sweet!

10 Crafty Gift Ideas For Your BFF’s Birthday

10. DIY T-Shirt

Last on this list of crafty gift ideas is a DIY t-shirt that you can customise to make her perfect shirt! Break out the fabric paint, the iron on pics and the scissors; it’s time to craft. You could start off with a plain white tee and go absolutely ham with the designing, or grab a shirt that already has a design and go from there. There are so many ways to make your BFF a t-shirt she’ll love, just get creative! Or better yet, make you and your bestie matching t-shirts!

10 Crafty Gift Ideas For Your BFF’s Birthday

Which one of these crafty gift ideas will you be making for your bestie’s birthday? Let us know in the comments below!

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