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8 Cosy Fall Outfits For A Chilly Day

With Fall coming up we want some cosy outfits to get us through the days with a chilly breeze. But cosy doesn’t have to mean sweatshirts and leggings, or joggers. You can still look amazing but be warm at the same time, you just need to the right items. So here are 8 outfits to get you started.

1. Layered

Layers are your friend on a chilly day. Whatever you put on you can take off when you are back inside, so layer up till your hearts content when you’re stepping outside. A simple jumper over a shirt is always a classy and stylish outfit to go with. You stay looking slim and smart.

But if you want a more cosy option, than a chunky knit cardigan is also great. And you can bunch your hands up inside the sleeves if you didn’t bring any gloves out with you.

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2. The coat

Big coats are the best accessory to go with because they are the part of the outfit that everyone will see when you’re strolling the streets. When you’ve wrapped yourself up, it doesn’t matter what top you have on underneath, the focus is all on the coat.

So go big, make a big statement. Coats like the one below are the best in my opinion because you can fit your oversized jumper underneath it and you stay looking slim still because the shape of the coat stays flattering.

Coats with belts are also a great option to get against the chilly breeze because you protect yourself against the wind blowing it open, but also you show off your waist.

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3. Long jumpers

Baggy jumpers are good, but why not get the jumpers that are longer rather than wider. All you need is a long jumper and some leggings are you’re sorted. Cosy perfection.

A long jumper gives a surprisingly flattering shape. They hug around the right places and stay lose where it matters. So on a chilly day, strut confidently in your jumper as your legs look like they go on for miles.

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4. Teddy coat

The teddy coat is your literal definition of cosy. They will keep you warm no matter what and you won’t be able to resist stroking your arms and hugging yourself all day. The coat of self-love.

So if you don’t want to layer up, a teddy coat is all you need. The perfect fall outfit.

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5. Knitted by Grandma

Knitted jumpers are always a fashionable item, but the patterns they are in have become a lot more basic through history. So why not get back to the complicated patterns your Grandma would knit for you.

These jumpers are soft, and cute. You can’t not be cosy in them. And depending on the pattern, you can get them quite hole-y, so you could wear a jazzy undertop or show off your bralette underneath.

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6. Knee high boots

Ankle boots are your normal shoe in Fall, but why not upgrade to a knee-high boot. This way you can keep your calves warm and have a more confident stride as you walk down the street.

Knee-high boots are great if you love wearing skirts because they give you that more warmth on a chilly day but still allow you to look fashionable in your skirts. They also look amazing with long jumpers for a full cosy but fabulous outfit. Your jeans could also be tucked into your boots, giving you a whole new and different outfit.

The boots are the item of clothing you didn’t realise you needed but will be glad you have. Especially when it gets to winter.

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7. Suede Jacket

Suede jackets provide that feeling of cosiness that a full leather jacket doesn’t. You have something soft over your body but you still look badass and gorgeous.

The jacket can be paired with jumpers underneath on those especially chilly days, or it can just go over your normal tops. It’s a very versatile fashion item, it can be dressed down or dressed up but it will always provide you with warmth on a chilly day.

Just be careful not to spill anything down suede as they are harder to clean than your normal leather jacket.

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8. Skirts and jumpers

Get the best of both worlds by pairing your jumper with your skirt. Be cosy on top and stylish on the bottom.

This outfit works best with people that don’t feel the cold as much so could actually handle a chilly day in a skirt. And those people are superhuman and I bow down to you. But of course, tights can be worn, plain or patterned depending on your style obviously.

But a jumper and skirt is a duo you don’t see often but when you do they always look great. And if you are wanting that bit more protection then pair them with the knee high boots to keep your calves cosy in the chilly breeze.

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If you were struggling for ideas on what to wear this Fall and still be cosy through the chilly day, I hope these 8 outfit ideas have helped. Whether you are going to layer up or rock a skirt, you’re going to look fabulous.

Comment below what you thought about these outfits and what you like to wear in the Fall yourself. Perhaps you can give us some ideas on what looks good.

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Bethany Scard

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