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10 Cool Hats For Men To Wear This Summer

10 Cool Hats For Men To Wear This Summer

We have gathered a 10 item list of trendy and cool hats for men for the summer season. From visors to baseball caps to fedoras and boater hats, we have you covered to make a statement this summer.

Hats were initially designed to protect one from the sun and keep dust off of our eyes, but their purpose has changed over the years. Hats are a must-have summer accessory that can make your outfit look from sporty and casual, to more sophisticated and elegant. Moreover, you don’t have to go out in public on a bad hair day! Wear a hat and you can save yourself the unrequested stares! Here are 10 cool hats for men you can wear this summer.

1. Straw Hat

Beanie hats are warm with wool or cotton materials and other various synthetics. They remain a classic when it comes to in-between season and winter style accessories.

2. Bucket Hat

If your summer include trips of exploring the wildlife, the flexible, downward sloping brim of safari hats that will surely protect you from the burning summer sun!


3. Boater Hat

This hat was popular throughout the 19th and 20th century, but continues to be worn by many men across the world, as it is a truly cool accessory. As the name says it itself, boater hats are surely cool hats for men during summer boat rides!


4. Apple Cap

When one thinks of apple caps, New York comes to mind. This cap can be a perfect accessory this summer. You can pair it with a navy polo shirt, cropped chino-style trousers, and loafers.

5. Baseball Cap

If you’re opting for a more sporty look this summer, a baseball cap remains a classic!


6. Flat-Brimmed Cap

This is trendy for all four seasons. It gives an edgy look for street style and urban feels. This is definitely a sporty yet city chic take on the ordinary baseball cap. This is one of our favourite cool hats for men.

7. Booney Hat

Quite similar to bucket hats, booney hats offer matchless sun protection and a cool summer look!


8. Trilby Hat

This type of hat was quite popular during the 1960s. It’s similar to a fedora hat, but it has a narrower brim and shorter crown. Great for evenings out on the town.

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9. Panama Hat

The most similar hat to a fedora is the panama hat. However, their main difference lies in the material: fedoras are usually made of wool, whereas panama hats are constructed of straw or jipijapa.


10. Visors

Although visors give the impression that they are meant to be worn on a golf course, they can be a chic beach accessory, too.

Which of the above cool hats for men do you like best? Let us know in the comments below!

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