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10 Cool Backpack Companies That You Need To Check Out

10 Cool Backpack Companies That You Need To Check Out

If you're looking for some cool backpack companies that are great for carrying your books, diary, laptop and are also good for the environment, then check out these brands! Made for both men and women, you'll find that these backpacks are an investment worth wild.

Instead of settling for the average backpack brand that everyone already owns, why not invest your money into something just as cute – but different. These are the cool backpack companies that not only have stylish backpacks, but many serve a purpose!

1. Mi-Pac

Mi-Pac backpacks come in a huge array of styles, prints and colours which means you’ll never be too worried about bumping into your backpack twin down some dark alley. The designs are innovative and fresh, and they’re also really practical!

2. Skinnydip London

Skinnydip London make products that make your mouth drool and your eyes pop. As disgusting as that sounds, their crazy, brightly coloured accessories and bags are anything but. Their mini backpacks will excite you and entice you. They also do some amazing novelty clutches and going out bags too. If you love glitter and fun, these bags are for you.


3. Watershed Brand

Projecting the cool, outdoorsy image of UK surfer culture., Watershed make a lot of things, from beanies to retro style coffee pots to custom surf boards. They also make really nice backpacks that would make a great accompaniment to a sporty beach day.

4. Fjallraven Kanken

Kanken bags are a modern classic. They come in all sizes but with their signature shape and bright, friendly colours, they’re instantly recognisable. The slightly higher price tag is worth it, because they can hold a huge loada junk and look completely fab.


5. Herschel Supply Co.

Herschel bags have a timeless design that offer functionality paired with an understated yet attractive look. They’re great for school or uni as they can easily fit a laptop, books, and all your silly pens in there.

6. GastonLuga

Bold, classic styles characterise Gaston Luga’s luxury looking backpacks. The larger sizes are suitably equipped for travel and exploration while the smaller ones are great for city slicking and shopping.

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7. Leafling Bags

A shop based in Budapest, Leafling makes quirky little backpacks that’ll make a great gift for the nature lover in your life. They come in rich, earthy colours that’ll make you stand out in any forest.

8. Matt & Nat

Chic, classic and comfortable. Other than being a nice little tongue twister, Matt and Nat’s backpacks are sustainably made and are 100% vegan. The slightly higher price is worth it for that good feeling you get when you’re not wearing a cow.


9. Hype

Hype bags are one of the best cool backpack companies that are both handy and durable. They’re available in a range of different colours and patterns and will brighten up any outfit without making it look too fashuuun.

10. Epperson

For the practical among us, these backpacks are a godsend. Big, colourful and perfect for your next mountaineering expedition, these rucksacks will make you feel like you can do anything, even if you’re just heading out to buy lots and lots of beer.

What do you think of these cool backpack companies? Let us know in the comment section below!

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