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7 Cooking Apps That Will Make You A Master Chef

7 Cooking Apps That Will Make You A Master Chef

If you're looking for a kitchen inspiration, look no further and check our cooking apps list of suggestions now! They'll make you a great chef!

Nowadays, cooking apps have become so popular, that most of us haven’t opened a cookbook in years. If you’re like me and aren’t ever cooking, then chances are you don’t even have a cooking app on your phone. But why shouldn’t you? In this article, I will try to motivate you enough and suggest some convenient and easy-to-use cooking apps that you can download, use and become a master chef with! Let’s begin:

1. Kitchen Stories

The free app is available for both iOS and Android and is the one I like the most. It has a clear, satisfying design, it’s easy to navigate and looks very aesthetically pleasing. Okay, I know this is meant to be a piece of cooking app advice type of article but I can’t help myself! If you’re the type of person who likes watching videos of the recipes, you’re lucky because Kitchen Stories uses mainly them. In addition, there’s a database of recipes you can browse by theme AND country. They also add new recipes weekly, so you know you always have fresh content to cook.

7 Cooking Apps That Will Make You A Master Chef

2. Yummy Recipes

Again, this app is free for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. It’s slightly different than the average cookbook app because it’s more of a cookery search engine. You can use it to search for some recipes from a range of websites, you can add filters, set cooking times, add your allergies (which is quite useful) and other minor details to help you find what you’re looking for. Yummy Recipes also has personalised recommendations!

3.  Green Kitchen

For the pros out there, Green Kitchen is a cooking app specifically designed for iOS. It has plenty of vegetarian recipes, many vegan and gluten-free options too and easy-to-follow instructions and lots of photos. Its fantastic cooking-timer feature is useful for when you forget to add an alarm on your phone. Unfortunately, this one isn’t free – £3.99.

7 Cooking Apps That Will Make You A Master Chef

4. Forks Over Knives

I like the name of this app quite much. Forks Over Knives is available for Android and iOS (I’m sorry, Windows users…) and is again £3.99. The cooking app contains more than 200 recipes and focuses on ”whole foods” and ”plant-based” meals. It shows you that eating healthy doesn’t necessarily mean eating boring food!

5. Fit Men Cook

Although the name of this app sounds like a mixture between Men’s Health, Playboy for women and a cookbook, it has decent recipes that are meant to be paired with eating plans. Aka, whenever you’re on a diet or a gym plan, you download Fit Men Cook and enjoy their nice recipes. Sidenote: it’s £2.50 and only on iOS.

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7 Cooking Apps That Will Make You A Master Chef

6. Deliciously Ella

This is one of those cute cooking apps that look so pleasing you might as well just upload all of its photos to your Pinterest. The app has a wide range of dessert choices that don’t contain refined sugar or gluten, which makes it ideal for people who love sweet dishes but want to stay healthy eating. In addition, it also has some detox eating plans! It’s £2.99 and available on iOS only.

7. Youmiam

Although it took me some time to read the app’s name, Youmiam is a funky cookery platform that puts a social media spin on your cooking activities. Its Pinterest-inspired look gives you the option to follow other people and get inspired by the recipes they share every time you open the app. Something like a cooking version of Facebook. The good thing is: it’s free for both Android and iOS!

7 Cooking Apps That Will Make You A Master Chef

Did you like the cooking apps suggestions? I sincerely hope so! Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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