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8 Complex Yoga Poses For All Yoga Masters Out There

8 Complex Yoga Poses For All Yoga Masters Out There

8 Complex Yoga Poses For All Yoga Masters Out There

No matter if you just start doing yoga or you’ve had 5 years experience, here is the list of 8 complex yoga poses for all of the yoga masters out there!

The Firefly Pose

The Firefly Pose or also known as Tittibhasana requires a lot of arm and wrist strengths plus arm balance, but moreover, this complex yoga pose requires core strength. In order to create this pose, we need to prepare poses such as Bakasana (Crane Pose), Malasana (Garland Pose), Baddha Konasana (Bound Angle Pose), and Garudasana (Eagle Pose). This pose will deepen hamstring and hip flexibility, open your chest and help you to find new strength and perspective.

In order to acquire this complex yoga pose, prepare yourself a good mat. Check out here:


King Pigeon Pose

Also known as Kapotasana, this complex yoga pose is ONLY appropriate for advanced practitioners. This is one of the most beautiful, elegant complex yoga poses. In order to prep for this pose, you’ll need some exercise or yoga pose to open your hips, back, shoulders, chest, and quads.

Prepare yourself flexible pants to help to stretch easily


Tail-Shedding Lizard Pose

This pose is hardly found on google, however, if you type Utthan Pristhasana, you might find the simple result of this yoga pose. This pose will help you stretch the body part, give you a good stretch in your crotch and help you become more flexible.

Sleeping Crane Pose

The Crane and the Crow pose are frequently confused in yoga, however, the basic difference is that the Crow pose performed with bent arms while Crane poses performed with a straight arm. You can start by doing simple Crane pose. This pose requires strength and focus, as well as the ability to trust. Contact your yoga master to learn this complex pose when you’re ready


The Flying Splits

Eka Pada Koundinyasana is one of the challenging and complex poses in Yoga when you start to move to advance. The main point of this complex pose beside strength balances, find your balance.

Handstand Scorpion

Handstand Scorpion is seen as one of the most difficult and complex yoga postures. It requires you to have a really good balance, flexibility, and strength. Recommended to you not to try this by yourself, always have someone there to help you out. Prepare some high-quality tank top to help you be a little bit more comfortable.

Check this out!

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Yoga Sleep Pose (Yoganidrasana)

If you try to google this pose you might be shocked with the image, even though the name sound super relaxing, this complex yoga pose is for advanced yogis only. Yoganidrasana involves folding yourself to a knot. Some people said, it’s looked like Supta Kurmasana (Sleeping Turtle) but on your back. This complex pose helps you stretching those feel muscles in the spine, small muscles, and ligaments in the neck.


Wounded Peacock

Also known as Pungu Mayurasana, this is a variation of the Peacock Rose. This pose helps to improve your digestion in addition to strengthening your shoulders, arms, and wrist (according to Doyouyoga).

The Corpse Pose

This is the final pose of any yoga class. Although it might look easy, the Corpse pose (also known as Savasana) has been called “the most difficult of the asanas” (yoga journal). This is the art of relaxation. Most people find it very difficult to relax during Savasana, the main point of this pose is to relax with attention.

Prepare yourself with some yoga essential oils to help you to relax! Check this page out!


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