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10 Comfy Travel Outfits That Are Still Fashionable

10 Comfy Travel Outfits That Are Still Fashionable

10 Comfy Travel Outfits That Are Still Fashionable

Does anyone else plan their travel outfits days beforehand? No? Just me then. Making sure I feel 100% comfortable with what I am wearing is the most important thing for a long plane ride. If I could, I would wear my pyjamas all the way through immigration. But since I can’t, I’ll just have to get by on some of these comfy travel outfits.

1. The ‘Experienced Jet Setter’ Outfit

This is a travel outfit for the girl with some air miles already under her belt. It could also be a great outfit for the shorter domestic flights. She wears loose fitting clothes with a nice soft fabric that won’t become irritating after sitting on it for a while. She also has an easy-to-take-on-and-off coat, just in case, the plane gets a little too chilly. And, of course, a stylish but walkable pair of heels.

2. The ‘Easy Breezy’ Outfit

Travel outfits that work to give you that easy and breezy comfort lifestyle. That means t-shirt dresses, oversized jumpers, your most reliable pair of trainers. Clothing choices that require the most minimal effort to wear and change into. These types of travel outfits are great for long flights and managing those teeny tiny on-plane toilets if you know what I mean.


3. The ‘Wise Jet Setter’ Outfit

In comparison to the ‘experienced jet setter’, the ‘wise jet setter’ forgoes the branded fashion look and has mastered the fine balance of trend and comfort. She best friends with The North Face and Superdry and never leaves the house with her puffy jacket- the puffiness is basically extra chair cushion on those long flights!

4. The ‘In It For The Long Ride’ Outfit

12-hour flight? There are some travel outfits that are built just for that. It’s hard to pull off fashionable on the long rides, especially when there are no stopovers…gross. You’re going to want no jewellery, no extra accessories, nothing that’ll cause you extra discomfort. It’s time to bring out your baggy punk-rock band t-shirts, your wide-leg jeans, your patterned leggings. With these items, you’ll definitely put some trend in your travels!

5. The ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’ Outfit

Those early morning flights can be tough. By the time you’re boarding, all you want to do go back to dreamland. For these occasions, the last thing you need is tight-fitting jeans, body-con tubes, basically anything that isn’t a make-shift blanket. I’m talking scarves, massive cardigans…anything you can wrap around yourself and snuggle into!


6. The ‘Workin’ it’ Outfit

Long flights can be particularly gnarly on the workers who must get back into the grind as soon as the plane touches down. Get smart-chic without any extra discomforts with cargo or khaki pants, paired with a lovely loose fitting blouse or work-shirt

7. The ‘Sporty-Chic Comfort’ Outfit

One thing: Spandex. There are some fabrics that were just built for comfort and spandex is one of them. A sweet pair of floral spandex leggings or shorts paired with a cute tank can make for a very trendy and comfortable plane ride!

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8. The ‘Beach Ready’ Outfit

I get very excited over beach holidays, sometimes I wear my swimsuit on the plane! For these times, you want to wear those items that you can just take off with ease at any given time. Kaftans and maxi dresses are your friend.

9. The ‘Makin’ Tracks’ Outfit

No one does track pants quite like a Kardashian! Sporty, trendy and extremely comfy, track pants really are the whole package when it comes to travel outfits. For those that want to board their plane in sometime understated, easy, yet very in-fashion, then this one is an absolute winner!

10. The ‘Comfiest Bra You Own’ Outfit (Not Actually An Outfit)

This is less of an outfit and more some very wise advice. On a long flight, you want a bra you can count on. Not the one that stabs you with exposed underwire, not that new sexy number you’ve been saving, a GOOD bra. One of my favourite ranges of comfy bras is UNIQLO’s wireless bra range. Check them out!


What are some of your favourite travel outfits? Let me know in the comments below!

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