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8 Comforting Teas That Will Help You Relax

8 Comforting Teas That Will Help You Relax

If you have high anxiety, are stress, or just straight up want to relax a little, then these comforting teas will do the job! Never feel stressed again after having a sip of these herbal drinks!

Being Algerian and British, nothing to me spells comfort quite like a relaxing, hot brew. I love all kinds of tea, from English to Turkish, fruity to herbal; and the warm, fuzzy air that surrounds me – when after a long day of hard work, I sit down with a good book, TV series or movie, while sipping a delicious, well-deserved cup of tea – is unlike any other. Here are 8 comforting teas that will help you relax and unwind!

1) Yorkshire Tea by Taylors of Harrogate

This is by far one of my favourite brands for the infamously comforting English teas – Ever. The best way to enjoy Yorkshire Tea is to pour in some fresh, condensed milk (for a richer feel) and a teaspoon of raw honey to sweeten. Serve with some scones and butter, or a plate of delicious, homemade biscuits or a fruit loaf, and enjoy your relaxing English brew!

2) Green Tea by Mokhtar Tea, London

Green tea has become ever so popular within the last few years, and is particularly renowned for its antioxidant properties and weight-loss benefits. Once served, this traditional brew by Mokhtar Tea is probably the most authentic green-tea-experience you’ll ever get, and definitely tops the list of most comforting teas that will help you relax!



3) Super Ceylon Earl Grey Tea by Akbar Do Ghazal Tea

The soothing, delicious flavours of Earl Grey tea will leave you feeling absolutely enchanted – Literally. It is a black tea base that delivers the bursting flavours of bergamot orange, and is amazing served on a joyful, cosy afternoon with a plate of your favourite cakes and biscuits – Perfection.


4) Pure Ceylon Tea by Akbar Do Ghazal Tea

Oh yes, one of the most perfectly comforting teas! Pure Ceylon Tea (regular Black Tea) is commonly enjoyed in Middle Eastern countries and in Turkey, and I always get served this after a succulent Turkish meal, with a few pieces of mouthwatering Baklava! Yum. I am all for the traditional English brew, but to me, nothing beats the warm, Mediterranean or Middle Eastern teatime experience!


5) Masala Chai by Tea India

One of the most exquisite comforting teas to help you relax and clear your mind, Indian Masala Chai is the definition of a warm and exotic, spicy brew. Something about the festive scent, taste and feel tells me that this cosy beverage was made to be enjoyed around Christmas time – but maybe that’s just me! It is a black tea base mixed with a blend of exotic Indian spices, and the powerful but sweet aroma of cinnamon is sure to get all of your senses (and tastebuds) warmed and relaxed!

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6) Lemon & Ginger Tea by Twinings

Serve me anything flavoured with lemon or ginger (or in this case, both) and I will love you eternally. When I think of the most comforting teas for sore throats and colds – a hot cup of lemon and ginger tea is the number one remedy I always consider! The ginger gives it that powerfully soothing spiciness that really feels like it could rid your throat and chest from all evil, while the citrus from the lemon works perfectly to complement the spicy heat, helping you to relax and feel fresh.

7) Liquorice & Peppermint Tea by Teapigs

I do have quite the thing for pretty much anything flavoured with liquorice, and that includes beverages! Allow me to introduce Liquorice & Peppermint Tea by Teapigs. The sweetness of the liquorice in this tea, paired with the minty taste of the peppermint really makes for one of the most comforting teas that will help you relax, stay healthy and enjoy the little, sentimental moments of life!


8) Moroccan Mint Tea by Fortnum & Mason

Ladies and gents, how can one possibly faff on about the most comforting teas that will help you relax, without giving an honourable mention to traditional Moroccan Mint Tea?! This refreshing green tea, infused with divine fresh mint, is reminiscent of the charming and lively markets of Marrakesh, making it the perfect brew for a magical summer’s afternoon.

Are you a passionate tea drinker? Then you have got to try out these 8 comforting teas that are delicious, soothing and will help you relax!