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This Colourpop Foundation Comes In 42 Shades, And We Support It

This Colourpop Foundation Comes In 42 Shades, And We Support It

Here's our take on all the shades in the Colourpop foundation collection. We are so here for it! Keep reading for more on our opinions on the brand!

Colourpop  absolutely broke the net with the release of their first ever Colourpop foundation No Filter. After the success of their No Filter Concealer, fans have been beyond excited to get their hands on this foundation. This Foundation has an outstanding 42 shades, this is more than Fenty Beauty, there is a shade for absolutely everyone and we, as well as every makeup lover around the world, are so thankful that they now understand the importance of shade variation, after the criticism received for the lack of product selection with the No Filter Concealer. We can definitely say that this time, they have got it spot on and we fully support it… maybe the beauty industry is evolving after all.

Here are our opinions of the colourpop foundation collection!



Colourpop didn’t just stop there, they produced a whole Colourpop foundation collection, which I am sure had all fans shook.

The No Filter Collection, not only includes the Foundation and Concealer, but also a Loose Powder and a Matte Pressing Powder. Each product in this Colourpop foundation collection is very reasonable and affordable in price, which makes it even better. The No Filter Foundation itself retails for $12 and all the other items in the collection are no higher than $9.

Colourpop foundation is catering for everyone with this collection, they show diversity from the low pricing point and the shade variation, this shows growth within the brand as they want to include everyone in the hype of this collection and not only those who can afford it. We couldn’t be more amazed at the effort put into this Colourpop foundation collection and we completely understand why fans are going crazy about it.

Here are our opinions of the colourpop foundation collection!


The No Filter Foundation is an oil-free and cruelty-free formula which has a medium to full coverage which is buildable.

It aims to blur any imperfections or blemishes giving you a matte airbrushed finish that lasts all day long. The foundation is known for being lightweight and thin in consistency which gives you more of a natural finish with amazing coverage. Not only are you getting a reasonably priced foundation with an amazing shade selection, you are also getting a foundation of high quality which makes your makeup look absolutely flawless and carries the same properties as high end foundations which are three times the price.

Who said that cheaper can’t be better? Let have a look at a few reviews from beauty influencers on YouTube to see what they think.

Manny MUA

Manny MUA loves the finish of the foundation and tries the white concealer for a dramatic highlight, he is in awe at the quality of the No Filter Collection.

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Irisbeilin mixed together shade 155 and 170 to get her perfect shade. She had no complains about the foundation and screams at how the medium coverage was bomb and the foundation still looked flawless hours after application.


Ellarie tried all the products in the No Filter Collection. She used shade 190, but felt like the undertone of the foundation was a bit off, so in future she mentioned she would have to mix two foundations to get her perfect undertone. Ellarie did a wear test and hours after wearing the makeup she stated that the powders didn’t crease at all and the foundation stayed matte for the majority of the day.


Nicol gives us her first impressions on wearing the foundation, she builds up the foundation to a full coverage with two layers and still states that the foundation feels lightweight. However she addresses that the loose powder doesn’t set her under eye makeup very well as she experienced creasing.

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