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10 Colourful Jumpers To Beat The Winter Blues

10 Colourful Jumpers To Beat The Winter Blues

These colourful jumpers will be sure to help you get over your winter depression! They're bright, warm, and totally fun for the cold days!

Summer is drawing to a close which means it’s almost jumper weather time, and – if you’re like me – then that is the absolute best time of the year. For those who find it a little more difficult to get into the winter spirit, here are 10 Colourful Jumpers that are sure to help you best those dreaded winter blues.

1. The Red One

Red is a colour invented for everyone. It looks good paired with jeans, skirts, with black, with pink and even with different shades of itself. So it’s the perfect jumper colour to act as a little pick me up in the beginning, middle or even the end of winter. Not to mention it’s an acceptable coloured jumper for Christmas time, so even if you have got the winter blues, a bright red jumper is sure to hide them.

2. The Orange One

Orange encompasses that time of year between the end of October and beginning of November, so it seems appropriate that jumpers in this colour come in abundance. It’s a great colour, because it reminds most of us of the sun, being warm and obviously summer. Orange is also the complimentary colour of blue, so what better way to beat the winter blues than by pairing a bright orange jumper with an indigo pair of jeans.


3. The Yellow One

Well if you don’t think of sunshine as soon as you hear the word yellow, then I don’t know what else you’d associate the colour with. Maybe Daffodils. Either way it all comes back to the same thing – Spring or Summer or Sand or something to do with being warmer. Add the bright hue to a jumper and it’s the perfect item of clothing to beat those winter blues that start hanging around as the days get darker. This is one of our favourite colourful jumpers!


4. The Green One

Another colour that represents Christmas. Or if you’re less winter inclined then green also represents life, so it seems fitting to wrap up in a nice, green jumper when all the trees are starting to look bare as it gets colder. And even better is finding a jumper that is a much brighter green than the only trees with leaves that you find this time of year – evergreen trees. They might be hard to find, but don’t scrimp on a green jumper. It might be the exact colourful jumper you need to beat the winter blues.

5. The Blue One

So apparently blue is the colour of Autumn this year. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t the perfect colour for winter also, especially in cosy jumper form. In a number of different hues, the colour blue is certain to go with anything you have in your wardrobe, so it’s pretty much the essential bright coloured jumper to be going out to get your hands on. After all, if you can’t beat the winter blues, why not just join them?


6. The Pink One

If you haven’t already got a pink jumper, then you need to pick one up. Pink is the best colour for curing winter woes – after yellow of course. And know that it’s an acceptable colour to wear with red, well, it can go alongside any other item of clothing in your wardrobe. Mohair looks particularly good in pink, and luckily for everyone, this winter will be a good time to grab yourself some mohair. Show the winter blues some love, with a perfect pink jumper. We love colourful jumpers like this!


7. The Indigo One

There are a lot of “indigo” shades out there, despite the fact the indigo is a shade and not actually a colour, but don’t let that stop you from picking out an indigo jumper. It’s dark enough that’ll suit most other colours, but colourful enough that it won’t make you feel drab when wearing it throughout the winter season. It’s a great jumper colour to wear from bonfire night onwards, so make sure you grab an indigo jumper before then. Or why not pick one up early and start fighting those winter blues.

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8. The Violet One

If you’re thinking that indigo might be little too dark for winter months, then why not try violet instead? Essentially they’re both a different shade of the same colour but violet is that little bit lighter and a little bit brighter so you might feel a bit more perked up in a slightly more colourful shade of purple. Reminding you of lavender, violets and a number of other little purple flowers, violet is sure to make you think more spring like and fight off the winter blues.

9. The Glitter One

There’s only so many colours you can try before glitter needs to come into play. It’s perfect for this time of year because if you want to put it on when you’re feeling glum, then it can’t be looked down upon. What with it getting colder, frostier, the stars make an earlier and more regular appearance a glittery jumper is practically a wardrobe must have for this time of year. By the time Christmas rolls around, not having one is simply unheard of. So, save yourself the trouble and start fighting the winter blues with a glitter jumper asap.


10. The Rainbow One

And when all of the above still isn’t working off those winter blues, why not combine all of the above? A rainbow coloured jumper is the ultimate colourful jumper for the approaching time of year because it means you don’t have to purchase all the other colours. You can grab all your favourite colours and top it all off with them all in one to really combat the imposing winter blues because when you can’t beat them with one colour, beat them with all of them. This is one of the best colourful jumpers out there!

Which of these colourful jumpers is your favourite? Can you think of any colourful jumpers we missed? Let us know in the comments below!
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