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Color Trends 2019: Most Popular Pantone Colors This Season

Color Trends 2019: Most Popular Pantone Colors This Season

Each season the Pantone Color Institute creates a report that talks about the colors that are going to be in trend the following season. These colors are heavily used in creating the pieces that go down the fashion runways. That is exactly why the Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report is the key guide for both successful designers and most curious customers to stay tuned with latest color palettes and create the most up-to-date, fashion magazine worthy looks. The 2019 spring-summer palette is all about the colors that represent freedom, reliability, and vital energy and lead us to unexpected creative combinations and self-expressionism. Here are 12 Pantone colors every fashion guru will be wearing this summer.

1. Fiesta

This bright orange-red shade is a perfect embodiment of such fiery feelings as lust and fervor. Sparking energy and dynamism, this color will add boldness to your look and make you feel like you are the boss.


2. Jester Red

This deeper, more burgundy type of red does not seem summer-y at first sight. It will, nonetheless, add intensity and richness to the entire palette. Plus, it looks quite elegant and expensive.

3. Turmeric

This crazy-bright warm shade of orange is so yummy and juicy that it makes you crave a fruit salad or some iced orange lemonade. Along with some degree of audacity and confidence, this color spice up your wardrobe!

4. Living Coral

Soft and delicate like a blossoming flower, this wonderful soft orange warm shade brings some tenderness to the palette mainly due to its subtle golden glow. It’s a perfect color to wear on a first date to go for a romantic scenic walk down the quay.


5. Pink Peacock

We have seen it in the 2018 Pantone palette and it’s back this time around. It’s spectacular and eye-catching bright shade of pink that is deeper than your typical Barbie shade but more fun and youthful than your classic magenta. Beware, it’s always a struggle if you are experimenting with it for the first time.

6. Pepper Stem

This yellow-green ‘grass’ shade represents our desire to take care of the nature around us and live green; it’s the symbol of the spring season. The color is quite soft and delicate so there should be no problem is mix’n’matching it with your usual color palette.


7. Aspen Gold

Although this shade is named after a tree that pleases the eye in the autumn season, it looks more similar to the shade you would use to draw a sun in your color book when you were a kid. And just like sunbeams, this color will shine bright giving everyone who sees your good spirit and joy.

8. Princess Blue

Not a single trendy color palette can do without a beautiful shade of blue. It just goes with everything! This only cool shade in the 2019 Pantone palette looks quite regal and majestic and will bring some degree of ‘coolness’ and depth to your summer look.

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9. Toffee

This delicious, ‘sweet’ shade of golden brown immediately evokes associations with the actual toffee confection. Why not treat yourself and wear this color out to a fancy dinner with your partner or an important business meeting?

10. Mango Mojito

Another cozy sun-like golden yellow shade in the palette will give you the feeling of comfort and coziness. It will warm you up on a cold day and bring joy when the sun is out.


11. Terrarium Moss

Another shade of green and this time it’s deeper and darker than ever! Although it is quite an atypical color for the spring-summer season, this type of green can be easily matched with other, more summer-y colors in the palette.

12. Sweet Lilac

This is a pink color with shades of lavender and lilac. It’s charming, tender and somewhat innocent – perfect for a cute Tumblr photo.

Don’t you just love these pantone colors? What is your go-to spring-summer color? Lets us know in the comments below!

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