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ATTN Coffee Drinkers: Here’s Exactly What Your Coffee Says About You

ATTN Coffee Drinkers: Here’s Exactly What Your Coffee Says About You

Your coffee personality says a lot and this is what your coffee says about you when you order the same drink just about everyday!

Coffee is the life-blood of many of us hard working individuals (I say as I’m watching Modern Family at 3 am). It keeps us going, and though we may be united as coffee-drinkers, our unique preferences can tell us a little something about more than just the way we like our caffeine intake. Check our list and see what your coffee says about you and your personality!

1. Espresso

You’re a go-getter and you’re willing to deal with early mornings and cold showers if it gets things done. You like the taste of good coffee. It’s a refined, acquired taste, but you can almost imagine standing at an Italian bar, ordering your espresso and shooting it down like a pro. Either that or you can’t stay awake and only an espresso or a Red Bull can possibly keep you awake.Coffee Espresso


You’re sophisticated and well versed in coffee quality. You like taking the time to catch up on the news or read a good book before bed. You like a good coffee, but nothing too bitter, you like the perfect temperature of a cappuccino- it’s always ready to drink.


3. Americano

If you’re an Americano drinker you’re a minimalist that is decisive and ambitious. You know that strong coffee isn’t the friendliest drink, but it tastes like success and it gets the job done.

4. Latte

You might be a bit basic and just like having a coffee in your hand as you stroll into uni. You’re also fun-loving, but you have the patience needed to be a good friend.Found exactly what your coffee says about you!

5. Long Black

You’re serious, sombre and a deep thinker. Hours and hours have been spent over meaningful conversations and wondering what your dreams mean.Found exactly what your coffee says about you!


6. Macchiato

A Macchiato is a shot of espresso with a bit of foamed milk, and in that way, you’re very similar to an espresso drinker, but you also have time to appreciate the smaller things in life and sniff the roses.Found exactly what your coffee says about you!

7. Vienna

What your coffee says about you is that you have refined taste and unlike most people, you know that a Vienna is two shots espresso with whipped cream on top. You’re well-travelled, and probably an intellectual with a banterous side.


Found exactly what your coffee says about you!

8. Decaf

Having coffee in the morning is indicative of wanting routine and control in your life. So what does coffee without the caffeine mean? The taste and smell are enough to convince you that you’re having fully-fledged coffee, and the order you desire is on the cards every day.


9. Mocha

It’s not quite a hot chocolate, but it’s as close as you’re going to get whilst still classifying yourself as a coffee drinker. That little bit of extra flavour in your hot drink means you aim to succeed, but you’re okay with taking it slow. You’re creative and you don’t take yourself too seriously.Found exactly what your coffee says about you!

10. Frappe

You’re care-free and you like to have a coffee as a pick-me-up rather than a do-or-die drink. You’ve got time on your hands and summer is your favourite season. You’re probably a lowkey fan of Love Island, or at the very least, First Dates.Found exactly what your coffee says about you!

Are we spot on with what your coffee says about you? Let us know in the comment section below!

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