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Coconut Oil Is A Magical Elixir And Here’s How To Use It

Coconut Oil Is A Magical Elixir And Here’s How To Use It

Coconut Oil Is A Magical Elixir And Here's How To Use It

In the last few years, coconut oil has become the holy grail of all skincare, haircare and inner health needs. And rightly so! Coconut oil is a magical elixir and could easily be mistaken for liquid gold. But if you really want all the benefits of coconut oil, the best kind is cold-pressed, or extra virgin.

If you’re only just discovering the magic of coconut oil and are wondering how you can get the most of it, then these helpful tips on how to use coconut oil will be of immense use to you!

1. Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

When you spend a lot of time using heat tools, colours and bleaches on your hair, you risk causing immense damage to your tresses. Depending on your hair type and genetics, some hair types can handle the damage from heat or bleach. However, for some, and as especially those of us with naturally wavy and curly hair who love to flat iron our manes every now and then, then putting tender loving care back into the hair is essential.


If you feel that your hair is becoming drier, frizzier or your natural hair texture is loosening, then using a coconut oil hair mask will be amazing for you! With a variety of different purposes, these coconut oil hair masks can help you fight your hair concerns at the source!

Cold-pressed or liquid, heat up a tablespoon or two (depending on your hair length and thickness) and massage into your scalp and through to the lengths of your hair. Leave on as desired (but really leaving this mask in overnight produces incredible benefits) and wash out with your regular shampoo.

This is also an incredible way to improve the thickness of your hair and encourage your hair to grow longer. An amazing way to bring some liveliness and health into your hair!


2. DIY Face Mask

If you’re looking for some all-natural and homemade face masks, then using a face mask that heroes coconut oil will be your best option. From treating acne-prone skin, dry skin, preventing wrinkles and signs of ageing, lightening dark spots and evening the skin tone, using coconut oil with a variety of different ingredient will produce amazing results.

These eight DIY coconut oil face masks will point you in the right direction for your required purpose for a face mask. Coconut oil is an amazing way to naturally moisturise the skin and can easily become your weekly deep conditioning skin treatment. It can also incredibly benefit those who suffer from severe dry skin, especially in the cold winter months that can leave your skin feeling dry and dull.

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3. Coconut Oil Pulling For Teeth Whitening

Oil pulling is the method of swishing around oil in the mouth for a certain benefit. And when swish around coconut oil in the mouth, you’ll be amazed at the results this has on the colour of your teeth!

Coconut oil pulling can produce amazing results in not only improving the colour of your teeth but can also help with throat dryness, bad breath, cracked lips, bleeding gums, treating tooth decay and boosting the immune system. Use this how-to oil pulling guide to discover the benefits to oil and particularly coconut oil pulling in your daily routine.

4. Coconut Oil Coffee Body Scrub

Many of us suffer from the tiger stripes across our bodies, or to be more specific, the stretch marks, cellulite and puffiness. If you’re not a fan of the tiger stripes and haven’t been for a while, you may be searching for a natural way to reduce the appearance of them or eliminate them altogether.


Homemade body scrubs are amazing for this purpose, as they are fun to make and you can add your favourite scent to them. These coconut oil coffee body scrubs are perfect for both exfoliating the skin and reducing the appearance of scars, stretch marks and cellulite!

These are just some of the benefits coconut oil can have for your skin, hair and health. Do you use coconut oil for any particular purpose? Did we inspire you to start using this elixir? Let us know in the comments down below!

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