10 Coachella Inspired Outfits That Will Blow Your Mind

When summer kicks in, there are usually two things that are on everybody’s mind: music festivals and the hunt for finding Coachella inspired outfits. Every year you see incredible festival fashion all over your Instagram feed that you only wish you could replicate. Well, guess what? You can and we’re going to make this super easy for you. Wave goodbye to the stress of trying to conjure up a unique wardrobe all on your own because we’ve got some of the best Coachella 2019 fashion trends in store for you.

1. Boho Kimonos

One of the best things you can buy to give multiple of your Coachella inspired outfits that extra oomph is something floaty to make you feel like a queen. Kimonos will give you that bohemian vibe – the more intricate the design, the better. Floor-length ones look incredible in pics too.

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2. Lace Bodysuits

So you saw them creeping their way into winter fashion under enormous fluffy coats but now you can finally flaunt them in the sun. It’ll keep you cool and by wearing a bodysuit, you’re not going to have any trouble tucking them into that awesome pair of denim shorts you’ve been saving either.

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3. Snakeskin Flares

The infamous trousers from the ‘70s are making a bold comeback this summer in one of the finest animal prints yet. Snakeskin has pretty much made it on to every piece of clothing (and even jewellery) this year but we must note that it would look unbelievable while you’re dancing away at a festival. Paired with a cool crop top and belt, it’s one of the best Coachella inspired outfits to date.

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4. Vibrant Plaid Pants

Now, if you really do wish you were a punk rocker with flowers in your hair, this could be one of the best festival outfit ideas you’ll ever come across: checked trousers with an electrifying pop of colour. You’ve got to admit, they look unreal! Depending on how bold you’d like your wardrobe of Coachella inspired outfits to be, if you want to make a statement you’ve got to pick up a pair of these.

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5. Floral Embroidered Mesh

Perhaps one of the easiest Coachella inspired outfits on this list is a mesh top to save the day. Its light mesh material will keep you nice and cool throughout summer and there are so many ways to style it. Whether you’re wearing a two-piece underneath or a vest and denim shorts, this kind of top will give your outfit that extra something quirky.

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6. Flame Print

Now, just a warning: this one’s hot. With all the animal prints we’ve seen buzzing around everywhere so far this year, we move onto the print of an element – fire. It’s not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about different patterns and textures you can incorporate, but boy, doesn’t it look cool?

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7. Sequin Disc Bralets

A versatile piece that is well and truly on its way to the top of the Coachella inspired outfits leader board is a sequin bralet. This particular style is called a harness with its extra linear details giving it a military edge. And, well, it wouldn’t be festival season if we didn’t have something that involved sequins, right?

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8. Tassel Everything

A super trendy piece you can quite literally chuck on over any summery outfit and be good to go is anything with tassels. It screams summertime and flirting in the sun. Plus, it’ll give you that bohemian edge and with that, you’ll look and feel like a natural fashionable festival goer.

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9. Fishnet Underwear

To spice things up, a great accessory, if you feel like your Coachella inspired outfits that you previously gathered are looking like they’re missing something, this one is guaranteed to help. We all know about fishnet tights and socks but did you know that fishnet crop tops are a thing too? And, of course, they were made to be worn under stuff because well, you know, nip slip territory.

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10. Kourt K Glasses

Finally, we have the perfect item to top everything off. A pair of those uber-trendy tiny cat eye sunglasses that Kourtney Kardashian became iconic for wearing. The ultimate trick is to pose with them halfway down your nose – sounds kind of weird, I know, but you’ll look like your best, sassiest and trendiest self in all of your festival snaps.

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Have you gained a new creative vision for your Coachella inspired outfits from the ones above? Comment down below some of your favourite pieces!

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