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How To Go Clubbing On A Budget

How To Go Clubbing On A Budget

Clubbing is a big part of the party scene as a university student. Don't let having fun break your bank! Here is how to go clubbing on a budget!

Semester one is creeping up on us, so it’s time to set ourselves a clubbing budget! During the Uni months, Mondays and Thursdays are the primary nights to go clubbing. So, if you plan on going out twice a week, you’d want to have a fairly large bank balance, or learn how to manage your money. Here is how to go clubbing on a budget and still have fun!

1. Ban the Brands

Instead of picking up a bottle of Smirnoff or Huzzar, opt for Tesco or Lidl own branded vodka. In my opinion, vodka is just plain nasty, so if the price drop by 5 euros, that’s more money you have for a taxi home!


2. Put it Away

Take my advice and don’t bring your debit card out! There’s no point spending countless amounts of money on drinks if you’re not going to remember it the next morning. So, do yourself and your friends a favour and leave the card at home.

3. Hide and Seek

I always try to hide ten euros in a small compartment in my purse before I go out. The next morning, I have surprised myself with ten euros, that I may have otherwise spent!

4. Offers

Check out a few nightclubs Facebook pages before you leave and figure out which spots have the best offers!


5. Tick Tock

Many nightclubs let customers in for a discounted price before a certain time, so get in early and save that cash!

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6. Reuse and Recycle

Gone are the days where you would fawn over and spend your pocket money on bodycon dresses. Get those black jeans out and mix and match with your friends! At this stage, you just want to get out the door in one piece.


7. Cloak Room

Take turns with your friends as to who puts their bag away. Bring a small tote bag that all five of you can pop your jackets into! Split the cost of four euros or how ever much it may cost; it may be a small cost, but it is worth it to save!

Do you have any other tips for clubbing on a budget!? Share in the comments below!

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