8 Clothing Pieces For You To Try On This Summer

Summer is the best time to try on some new clothing pieces. Not only it’s warm, nice and sunny but you get to wear all of those dresses and shorts that sit at the back of your wardrobe during the whole year! Now, if you’re living in the UK then you know that right now, the weather is absolutely terrible and the fact that it’s almost the middle of May and I still have to wear my jumper and boots driver me crazy. However, I tend to be optimistic and try and focus on some more pleasant things, so I’ve made this list of 8 clothing pieces you NEED to try on this summer. Just because you’ll probably end up looking fantastic! Let’s go:

1. Flared trousers

If you’re one of the people who refuses to try on flared trousers – trust me, please do try them! They’re very popular here and I was disgusted by them for a long time. I thought this whole concept of wide trousers is very retro but in a bad way (what was I thinking…). However, one day I couldn’t resist anymore and bought a pair on sale. Short story: I’ve got 3 pairs now and it’s been a month since I first bought them.

If you’re wondering why I’m telling you this it’s because you might end up in the same situation I did and just love them once you try them on. Because they tend to make you look slimmer and taller, they’re equally good for both short and tall girls. And they’re a beautiful tribute to the 70s!

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2. Off the shoulder blouses

Those blouses tend to have these charming kind of hippie vibes, depends on the type of a top you pick, of course. But image this – it’s a July evening, you’re chilling in an off the shoulder white blouse, your hair is wavy, you’re having a cocktail… Sounds magical, doesn’t it?

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3. Maxi dresses

Maxi dresses are comfortable and flowy so you can count on them not to become sweaty during those summer days/nights. They’re a lovely pick for tall girls, unfortunately maybe not the best pick for shorter girls who might end up looking like they’re swimming in those dresses. The dresses are perfect for when you want to feel like a flowy summer night princess.

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4. Denim jackets

If you’re one of those people who have already purchased one – good job, you’re already ahead of me. In case you haven’t, a denim jacket is a must because not only it looks fantastic with that white blouse we mentioned above, but with the flowy dress too. Of course, you can try and wear them with a leather jacket too but that might not be the best choice, considering the heats we’re expecting.

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5. Swimsuits

Okay, okay, I’m fully aware that swimsuits aren’t clothing pieces, although it’s open to interpretation. If you are like me and aren’t that interested in getting some tan or becoming as dark as a cocoa bean, then you can get yourself a one-piece swimsuit in a bright colour, such as yellow and get everyone to look at you. Because you look awesome, of course.

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6. Tops with palm motives

Seems like right now every brand out there seems to be freaking out about palm motives, which I usually quite like, but it can get quite hard to pick a nice top when you have such a broad choice. Anyway, they are very fresh and can be a complementing clothing piece to your jeans or white trousers.

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7. High-waisted skirts

I don’t know if you’re a fan of everything high-waisted out there but what you really need to give a try to is high-waisted skirts for this summer. They’re slimming, look great, can be mixed with crop tops, normal tops, all kinds of T-shirts and they’re just a great addition to your wardrobe!

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8. Boyfriend jeans

For those evenings where it gets slightly cold, you need a pair of boyfriend jeans that will make you look cute. They’re easy to wear with anything and continue to be super trendy this year.

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We sincerely hope those clothing pieces ideas up there helped! What did you think of them? Comment below:

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